Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stealing Oil

Congress and other traitors throw their hands up in the air and wail about our dependence on foreign oil. What can be done? What to do?

Well the reason we are supposedly hooked on foreign oil is the enormous quantities of oil located on American soil are publicly owned meaning whoever pumps American crude out of U.S. wells must pay royalties back to the American people. The Rockefeller's, the Rothschild's, and other globalist scum figured out quite some time ago that they could reap far more profits by hijacking our government then deploying our military to just steal foreign oil. Then these bankster snakes sell the stolen oil back to American suckers who are too busy shouting "USA, USA" to notice the globalist swine have then bent over doing the Sandusky to them.

Now that Americans are awakening to the treason of our sell-out government the Congress thinks they can sic the U.S. military on the American people. Do the inbred monopoly maggots know who they are screwing with? The American people when angered collectively will make the mobs of the French Revolution look like nerds on the debating team.

It would be best if you banking scum and the traitorous minions of sell outs in the U.S. government to find another planet to live on. You will not be safe on this one for very much longer!


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