Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Federal Government Stages The Terror

Think about this for a second amigos. If there really were mad bombers running around everywhere all the time trying to terrorize us wouldn't they be blowing themselves up in one of those TSA groping lines? That way the terrorists would kill a bunch of Americans including security officials. After just a couple of TSA line bombings what TSA worker in their right mind would stand at the front of the groping line to be the next victim of the terrorists?

But somehow the terrorist just aren't smart enough to figure this out. Instead, they seem intent on sneaking something aboard that they can blow up that is sown into their intimate apparel and now even inserted into their rectums and vagina's. Naturally this will require Americans to go through the most unnatural of examinations by the TSA so we all can fly and be free of ass bombs. But people have been letting off ass bombs on planes for years but that another form of terrorism altogether.

The premise for all of the ridiculous unconstitutional treatment by this criminal government is beyond imagination. How can Americans be so stupid to believe any of it? None of it makes any logical sense but so many swallow it nonetheless. I suppose the aspartame must be doing it's job turning Americans into compliant slaves too dumb to question anything.



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