Sunday, October 02, 2011

Compartmentalized Dupes

One giant hole in the plans of the invading foreign banksters is the compartmentalized dupe which they depend on to prosecute their attack. The banksters never realized that because of the internet they could lose control. Information about the truth cannot be hidden from the compartmentalized dupes working as police and military enforcers.

Why? It is because of millions of people just like me who have discovered the truth and taken action over the internet to spread the word like Paul Revere. "THE BANKSTERS ARE COMING! THE BANKSTERS ARE COMING!"

The response from these financial invaders has been to deploy some of their compartmentalized army of police and military dupes to "investigate" us as a way to intimidate and silence us. The trouble the vipers never foresaw is that many of these dupes might wise up as a result of looking at the truth we keep inconveniently pointing out.

This is happening with greater frequency. We know this because counter activity by police and military has produced positive results for the patriot movement. Basically, these former dupes are leaking secret documents and plans to the alternative media over the internet. They bypass the corporate whore media that is in league with the invaders. This has disrupted the timing and implementation of some important disruptive maneuvers. We were warned about the secret police documents that were meant to demonize us if we liked the U.S. Constitution, were returning veterans, wanted the borders defended, etc. That was a fiasco that blew up in the face of the invaders.

There was a "drill" recently where real live c4 was being used instead of fake stuff and it vanished. Then it appeared by the highway. I wonder if the compartmentalized police being used to get the explosives on the plane figured out this was no drill then just dumped the bombs rather that get blown up with the plane with the other false flag victims.

At the end of the day a growing number of rank and file police and military are no longer dupes. Most do not wish to die in a false flag attack. Their blinders are off and they see the bigger picture now. So what the global financial elites have is a growing counter army of police and military real Americans behind enemy lines right in their camp. Not only can the globalists no longer count on the former dupes to blindly implement their plans, the police and military are actively undermining them as well.

So as the globalists surely will continue to pursue their plans to dominate and control the world, they will fail thanks to the resistance by police and military. So keep looking over your shoulder and wondering who is still reliable.


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