Monday, September 05, 2011

Lone Wolf?

I was looking at this site that has a compilation of the top news headlines. They all originate from one source of course - globalist bankers. What they appear to be foisting I would surmise is a lone wolf is about to use a small plane and the toxin ricin to stage a terror event. The groundwork has already been laid for the wolf to be connected to the Tea Party, Constitutionalists, gun owners and other individual Americans that the government has deemed to be enemies. I can't say whether government agents will stage the attack themselves and blame a patsy or if they'll have a patsy do the job himself.

Of course this could only be a diversionary tactic meant to have us watching in all the wrong places. Who knows for sure? However, if I were a pilot of a small plane and had any contracts with the government or other relationships I'd be wary. You could commit suicide with a plane full of ricin and never know about it.



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