Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CNN's Ridiculous Questions

Do you think Abraham Lincoln would have answered the CNN "chicken" question during the Lincoln/Douglas debates? Most likely he would have strolled over to the questioner and slapped them off the lectern. PIZZA CRUST QUESTIONS? This was not a debate. It was a pop culture quiz to give the network preferred presidential choices a chance to deliver some cutesy responses. Ron Paul appeared rightfully angry about the questions asked in such serious times but being the gentleman he is he answered the nonsense questions anyway.

The Clown News Network is officially blacklisted from my house. I am embarrassed that I ever watched them in the past and actually believed they were telling the truth. Fortunately, the Clown News Network is so over the top stupid that even the most aspartame saturated Americans can see this truth.

Don't watch CNN - unless you're looking for a good laugh.


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