Wednesday, April 13, 2011

People Continue To Believe Government Lies

It really is incredible how gullible most people are when it come to believing government pronouncements (lies). I pondered why this is so.

I believe the main reason for this fact is most people still don't grasp that they have even been lied to by governments which continue to lie till this very moment. If you still believe the government you are much like a trusting husband or wife who is married to a cheating spouse. You desperately want to believe both are true to you because you have been made to feel weak and inadequate. Both the cheating spouse and the rotten government constantly remind you how lucky you are to have them around. They warn you of the horrible consequences that would arise should they not be around to protect you and your delicate ego. Sometimes you have to even be slapped around a bit just to keep you in line. But it's all for your own good because they really do love you. They told you so.

Please allow me to tell everyone two very important facts. Number are valuable, unique and deserve the freedom to excel. Number two...every government as far as I can see, except perhaps the Icelandic government who recently told the foreign bankster to shove it, is a gang of deceitful liars. Take the American government for example. No not the average bureaucrat like my mom when she was working for the Justice Department or even her Assistant Attorney General bosses. Take it from me. Mom is ninety and still hopelessly duped - although she is getting suspicious that something fishy is going on. But when you have been wed to a government for this long contemplating a divorce now is unthinkable. It would mean admitting that you have been duped for almost a century.'s the youth that will have to save us now. The government is giving them the shaft and the kids don't like where they are sticking it.

Still, those in between the very old and the very young remain scared, divided and for the most part wed to this government. This is a fact even after so many lies from the government and network media. Over fifty thousand of my generation were killed in South East Asia over the Gulf of Tomkin incident that never occurred. This would never have happened except for the fact that JFK was murdered by these same snakes that lie to us and have total control over our government till this very day. As with lame excuses for lipstick on the collar, the nonsense about the magic bullet theory was used to brush aside any lingering doubt. From the 60's the cabal of liars has gotten away with one whopper after another and my generation has remained married to them. True, the marriage is strained currently but that is due to financial concerns. The government is still lying and slapping us around a bit to keep us in line but they are not bringing home the bacon like they use to. They've gambled it all away on a horse named, American Bankster Empire.

Then finally this government cabal was caught in bed on 9/11 doing the dirty deed. Amazingly, my generation fell for the story about them being cousins just having a nap. The foreign banksters who control our money supply created trillions of extra dollars causing prices to soar and my generation blames inflation on Arabs squabbling in the middle east or unions here in the U.S. Apparently, there is no lie too big for my generation to fall for up to this point in time. That doesn't bode well for our future. The government enforces a no lunch brought from home policy to protect children while assuring everyone high radiation doses are harmless. Before this they claimed hardly any radiation was even being released. When this could not be covered up any further they just increased the amount of radiation that they claimed would be safe for the kids to be exposed to.

These next lies will cost many of you your lives. These absolute monarchs have meddled into so many things that they don't understand that I believe many more horrible things will result from their powerful ignorance and arrogance. Fukushima is just the opening act. Call it nature or a higher being but things have a way of coming unraveled for those who have tried to rule the world. Apparently, the world already has an all powerful ruler who been around for a lot longer than man can count. America is next in line for seismic calamity. All of the same nuclear sores are just waiting to be ripped open by mother nature especially on the West Coast, the New Madrid earthquake zone and even New York city. Of course a bit of chaos is how the elites have operated to maintain control for several hundred years now from behind the scenes. But they may have bitten off a bit more than they can chew this time around.


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