Monday, February 21, 2011

The Revolutions

Here's the plan. Bankers understand the dynamics of hyper inflating money. It causes dramatic increases in commodity prices while wages remain stagnant and even drop. This is a recipe for revolution when kids are hungry.

These banker families as usual for at least three hundred years cause the problem which is blamed on the political leaders who are deposed by the people leaving a power vacuum which these bankers take advantage of by sowing violence and other chaos and promote the next bankster leaders to take over minus millions of hungry mouths who are dead as a result of this instigated conflict.

So it's real simple to see where things will go. The banksters own all the media so all of the choices foisted over the air on the people as their saviors are sure to be compromised. Instead of trying to pick national leaders right now it's better to concentrate on the local matters.

You can tell the people have won the struggle when the House of Rothschild falls along with their minions. It's just that simple...


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