Friday, June 04, 2010


The main trouble with the world is the small minority of the rich and powerful are relatively united while the people in disunity out of ignorance. However, the elite's power is also their biggest weakness. Why?

Because they are big time collectivist central planners pretending to be some kind of capitalist. Their centralized, mostly monopolized or marketed shared spoils of the powerful is a sitting duck to collective organized action. How's that?

Well do most people really need a cell phone? How about the lowest hanging fruit for the plucking? Go after the cable companies and form a consumer union. No not me you. I'm too busy but I'll tell you how to do it. Organize your cable user consumer union over the net, sign members up for free and when your numbers are strong enough tell the cable company how it's going to be. If they don't agree go on strike in unison and demand the cable be shut off all members household, It would crush the cable companies very quickly or they would have to acquiesce to the union demands.

Then after freshly handling the cable monopolies go after insurance. Remember...whatever economic tactic you choose to do must be done in unison by all union members.

So go ahead kids and form up some consumer unions on the net and free the planet.


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