Monday, October 26, 2009

Juanita Castro - CIA Spook

Here she says she started working for the CIA because her brother betrayed democratic principles. How sad? Not that she betrayed her brother. Nor that he betrayed democratic principles. I say to hell with democratic principles! That's what is sad. It is sad that so many believe democracy to be the answer to the world's troubles - or more precisely the lack of it.

Make no mistake about it. I don't want any of you voting on my time, body or money! I don't want any of you voting on sending my kids to war! I do not want any of you voting on how I spend my private time. Are we clear? I don't care if you can get 99% approval on any question regarding my individual rights. These rights were granted to me by the creator as a gift and I'll be damned if I willfully permit any of you to steal my present from God!

So those of you who would do these sins - go bugger off and vote on your own stuff!


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