Monday, October 31, 2011

Broken Finger

Sorry I haven't been around blogging. I was replacing the suspension on my son's Camaro and the coil spring compressor lets go breaking my ring finger. How badly? Well until I set it the finger appeared to have an extra knuckle. It hurt like a bugger for a couple of days but now I can bend it a bit so I will finish the rear suspension today.

I still have to finish painting my rain barrel water towers then hook my rain barrels back up. I must do the final maintenance and fire up my diesel generator. If it works okay I need to build a shed over it and I have to do some digging to run some conduit to wire the generator into the house. To do the wiring I WILL hire a proper electrician so I'm not electrocuted.

I need to harvest my potatoes too before it gets to cold outside. All of this must be done while I watch my granddaughter when my daughter and son in-law are working. This coming week they will be away on a vacation. I'll miss Kylie while she's gone but it will allow me to complete lots of projects around here that need doing before she returns next week to granddad.


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