Sunday, October 16, 2011

Iran, Nukes And War

The Iranians have nukes! No they are working on getting them though. Actually they stopped the program. Well who the hell actually knows?

Here's what is really going on with Iran. They are doing whatever they can to develop counter measures against the U.S. and its western allies including nukes. Why?

Have you ever been bullied? Most folks have especially the male of our species. Some will cry about it and end up dead. For example an abused wife is a victim of bullying by her husband and many are killed by them each year.

Others don't go this route when bullied. They will lift weights and train in Marshall Arts. Acquiring a conceal carry permit is an excellent way to stop a bully. For example my friend Dino back in the 70's was coming out of a 7/11 when three guys approached him. "What's in the bag?" One of them asked menacingly as they closed in. Dino reached into his bag and pulled a derringer then fired one shot into the air. The trio turned and ran like gazelles with a cheetah on the butts without saying another word.

This is what Iran is trying to do. The bullies in the CIA and British intelligence actually toppled the Iranian government back in the 50's and installed the Shah of Iran to operate the country for the benefit of the western oligarchy and to the detriment of the Iranian people. The SAVAC secret police tortured and murdered Iranians to keep the Shah in power till the end of the 70's. Just because most Americans don't realize these facts or could care less how Iranians feel as they wallor in ignorant smugness, doesn't mean the Iranian people haven't been bullied. They have been bullied right up to the CIA giving Saddam chemical weapons and aiding Iraq in a proxy war against Iran. Millions of Iranian soldiers died on a WWI trench style warfare battlefield ending in stalemate. The agency has terrorist teams that regularly assassinate Iranians and commit terrorist atrocities inside Iran.

So Iran would be stupid not to create the most deadly weapons they could to counteract the threat posed by the western oligarchy's out of control CIA and allied foreign cast of characters like MOSAD and MI6. The only way to stop Iran from defending itself now is to commit genocide. Half of the Iranian population may have to be exterminated for the western oligarchy to regain control of the oilfields and that might not even do it. These dead Iranians will go to their graves with many of us from the west following right along with them.

This little number is a plan that has been on the globalist's table for quite awhile. Genocide is what these sickos do the best. People like Prince Charles, Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc. look upon most of the rest of us as a parasitic rabble who must be eliminated for the good of the planet and mother nature herself. The fact that they have been behind past genocides and crimes that the people are mass awakening to is not a subject they discuss in polite company.

If we let the western oligarchs take us to war with Iran our lives will change forever and not in a good way.

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