Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Close Families

If families were to follow the pattern of my family then the banksters would be swept away. How?

Well I hear a bit of complaining about adult kids returning to live at home. Hell, mine never left! Mind you, I'm not complaining. I'm gloating but please forgive me.

We have three generations under this roof running from old Tomas down to my granddaughter. Plus, I'm trying to finagle space for my Mom making it four generations though not under one roof. She's going on 92 and needs a bit of looking after but my house is maxed out. So I'm looking to rent a place as close as possible.

Normally the banksters would be raking in loan interest on five mortgages. There are many others nursing from that teet starting with government. But these greedy crooks have taken too much inflating the currency and have destabilized the entire pricing structure for housing and everything else.

So I get to be with my kids and now my grandchild. It is an extremely advantageous lifestyle I assure you. Our house is big enough to allow everyone their own personal space. That's the secret but we all get along anyway and help each other. So there is less burden for everyone. This is the way it use to be before the social planners designed the modern world that is now collapsing around them.



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