Thursday, October 20, 2011

Banking Oligarchs Love Marxism

If it is not obvious at this point that the elites adore Marxism then take a look at Egypt. This is a perfect example and the same tactics are being deployed now in America to co-opt the occupy Wall Street movement. In fact some of the same instigators used in Egypt are being used here in the USA.

It seems counter intuitive that the financial elites would actually prefer communism but it makes perfect logistical sense if you think about it. Many OWS protesters are demanding centralized mandates for a government to implement. These naive people believe some form of lovey-dovey leaders will take the reigns of power and do what the protesters want done.

Right off the bat there is a wide variety of opinion as to what different people think should be done. The trouble is the current establishment holding the reigns of power also sets the stage for the shift in the power structure as we see in Egypt. In Egypt the military held the power and it still holds the power. Here the secret police weld power for the foreign banking elites who are the real top dogs around here. These banking crime families don't give a damn what promises are made to the protesters as long as they and their minions remain in charge secretly behind the scenes.

So you protesters want free health care? No problem! How about free food and housing? The bankster instigators working the crowd handing out free pizzas feel these are some of the basic human rights, right? How about some money for nothing and your chicks for free?

QUIT BEING DAMN FOOLS PEOPLE! Before occupying any space allow your brains to be occupied with some basic facts and logical thinking. The financial snakes and their crowd instigators getting everybody to chant much stupidity want a centralized form of government, period. They don't care if it's Marxist or fascist because they are the same thing but with differing promotional advertising strategies. The elites using their networks broadcast our choices for us and they are not good. MSNBC shows a thin slice of the OWS protesters that always includes the bankster's stooges working the crowd for a communist future government. FOX airs the Tea Party protesters unknowingly demanding fascism and military empire enforcement for the same foreign bankers. Either way the same financial invaders remain in power behind the scenes.

As in Egypt the elites are desperate for some violence here because that is tailor made for government intervention. Intervention in reality is used for elimination of the enemies of the elites and for re-consolidation of the power structure possibly with some new leaders with which to dupe us. What the banksters would really love is civil war here in America. The foundation for it has already been set.

But the crowds could double cross the banksters and turn on them. How? Just ask questions instead of chanting stupidity with a crowd of fellow numb skulls. When someone calls you on the phone offering something for free do you just fork over your credit card number? Of course not! Then why believe a guy handing out free pizza to the crowd telling you that some future government is going to deliver free health care, money, chicks, dudes, etc. then hand over your life to them without so much as asking a few critical questions? Start by asking who's paying for the pizzas.

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