Saturday, July 30, 2011


First of all we were all so stupid for not seeing how we were being manipulated by the TV networks which are owned by a small number of globalists who have all the money in the world except for a tiny portion that they rent to us. Now that everyone is coming to understand how we are being swindled people are dumbfounded as to what to do about it.

Here is what people should do to communicate directly with the globalists. Pick one of the devices that the globalists have come to rely on for profit and control over the people. Naturally, the biggest target is their TV networks. Right off the bat, do we really need them? Next we must ask why we should pay for them when they are spearheading the attack on our sovereignty? For me personally, I've gone from having to see this program or that when I was younger to watching less and less of it today. I never get news over the idiot box anymore now that I rely on the Internet with sites that have proven trustworthy. Honesty is something the television networks never had starting from day one. Sure there are several programs that I still enjoy watching. Naturally, I like the DYI Channel. But I could do without them all especially for a short time to make a point.

Everybody...turn them off. Do this simultaneously and you will cause so much chaos for them for a change that it will shock them into our real world. They already are weakened by competition and a bad economy. Many are barely hanging on and depend on the kindness of ignorant taxpayers subsidizing their operations like MSNBC does. Their overhead is very high and depends on a constant cash flow. Why should we pay for it?

I'm talking a stinking month or so. Can't you live without the life support systems of the globalists for 30 days? They are not informing you anyway. Fukushima is oozing radiation and if the networks even mention it now it's to claim that it's harmless and even good for you. So pick a date people and make it soon! I remember when September 1 was the beginning of the new television season. We could make it the ending date as well.

If we all agree to turn off the idiot box on September 1 of this year, our strike will immediately cost the globalists billions in lost revenue. Just the threat of a strike might be all that's necessary to make our point. Our point is we know what you're doing and who you are working for. If even just the enlightened people who know about the 9/11 treason, that the networks continue to cover up, would go on strike it would be more than enough to cripple them.

If you wanted to grab the attention of the globalists how about cutting off your cell phones? If you still have one cancel your newspaper or magazine subscriptions? Popular Mechanics would be at the top of my list after they aided the treason and cover up of 9/11. The point is we can and must go on the attack. It has to be done worldwide. If successful this strike will be like a left hook from the people out of nowhere that knocks the globalists for a loop.

STRIKE!!! STRIKE!!! STRIKE!!! Shut off the idiot box!



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