Monday, July 25, 2011

Japan Censoring Fukushima News

That's what this article is reporting. Apparently, the Japanese government claims they are protecting public safety and trying to stop rumors about the Fukushima disaster. But if we examine the situation it is clear TEPCO and the Japanese government have been the ones who have been spreading rumors. They claimed from the start that everything was under control and that the big explosions were from igniting hydrogen gas. The truth that has been blacked out by western media totally under globalist control is there have been several small nuclear explosions and the situation is nowhere near under control.

What the truth is exactly, only TEPCO and the globalist controlled governments know for sure. Sadly they have been the ones spreading rumors and attempting to silence those who disagree with them. So I don't trust them and I suggest everyone follow suit. Take precautions especially with children. I no longer consume food from the Pacific Ocean or the Pacific Northwest. Alaska food is off limits as well. Needless to say there is no food I would consume from Japan.

This is the fruit that liars reap. I'm rather sure that much of the food is safe but there is no way to know for certain. So I must boycott all of it right down to Southern California. I may never eat Pacific Cod or Salmon ever again.

I've noticed Rainier Cherries are selling for $2.99 a pound here in Maryland. That's cheaper than the locally grown cherries. For some reason there is a larger supply of these cherries from the northwest than there are people wanting to buy them.



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