Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anders Breivik

Those of us who understand the nature of how the people are manipulated by events such as the recent staged Oslo murders, immediately began to attempt to categorize the apprehended purported perpetrator. Is he a Norwegian Timothy McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama Bin Laden or some other Sirhan Sirhan like patsy?

By understanding the personality of Anders we who live in the real world, as opposed to the fairy land created for our viewing entertainment and control, can gain insight into how the orchestrator's of these staged events plan on dealing with the patsy. With Anders, I see suicide by proxy in his future. So many Lee Harvey loose ends could be tied up forever if Mr. Breivik is found dangling in his cell - an "apparent" victim of suicide. Already everybody is groaning over how little time he will have to spend in prison. So should he end up dead many will give a jolly "hurrah!" There are many who cheered when his initial Court appearance was in private so he could not use it as a soap box for his nutty ideas. But everyone should demand to hear what the nut has to say for himself. Why?

It is because he is one of two things. Either he is a lone nut who acted out violently or he is part of a wider conspiracy probably run by intelligence agencies from the U.S., Britain and Israel to counter the Norwegian government's recent moves that are not appreciated by the just mentioned big three intel players. Norway deciding to not bomb Libya any more and even more drastic that they would recognize Palestine puts them directly in the cross hairs. I think Anders isn't too bright and will get his handlers in big trouble if he is permitted to speak publicly. Perhaps a Norwegian Jack Ruby with terminal cancer will pop up and cap Anders while claiming to avenge the murder of so many innocents.

Either way I suspect Anders isn't too long for this world. I suppose the producers of these staged events might have some type of drugs that they could give Anders that will turn him into a babbling fool. Then they would say he is schizophrenic and it was voices that told him to do it.

He may never have to answer any questions like: "Where did you learn to shoot like Sargent York?" Or "How did you make that bomb?" Or "How did you get that bomb so close to the Prime Minister's Office without being detected?"



Blogger Tim Vrancken said...

Thank you. Glad to read something more daring and decent concerning this immens drama, than all the 'entertainment' we have to swallow.

This drama fits also perfectly in how they criminalize all fundamenal opposition that questions the way our society is organised. If you dare to have some severe critique, you are 'paranoid', 'dangerous' and a (potential) 'terrorist'. So just be affraid, drink your coke, swallow your pills and shut up.

No. No more. I'm free. Even when I'm imprisoned or killed. We will always be free children of the earth and the stars. No matter how diry things get. And they ARE dirty. But more and more of us are aware. We know... And by waking up, we can realize: all is a divine expression of Life itself. Even A.B.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Thanks Tim. Where are you from? We need more of you...

11:57 AM  

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