Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Elite's Big Mistakes

You've heard the adage that a bit of knowledge can be dangerous right? Most people never even get to try to inject their bit of knowledge to experiment on their beliefs because they haven't the means to do so. This isn't the case with the ultra rich.

Take John D. Rockefeller for example. This is a guy who can buy anything he wants because he has had all the money in the world for his entire life. Many of his peers, like J.D. himself, are victims of their own lineage. Their parents and grand parents mistakenly thought that they had superior breeding and readily adopted Darwin's thinking to suit their preconceived conclusions. Those people may very well have had superior breeding. Unfortunately, they had no concept of genetics and interbred amongst themselves. So, while today's elites believe themselves superior to the average person, in reality most are not playing with a full deck of cards.

J.D. Rockefeller and his ilk have funded their misconceptions about race and breeding for over a century. They are particularly racist especially against darker skinned people. Like most of these inheritance rich individuals, they have no interest now in seeing the reality of the world for what it is - a diverse, dynamic place that has the capability to support as many humans as our collective creativity permits. No. They have always believed in the thinking of Malthus that the earth can only support X number of people then we run up against famine and resource depletion. They keep upping the target number of how many people can live on the earth and we humans keep blowing through those numbers as new technologies arise.

Now these rich Malthusians find themselves in the present. They have a long trail of genocidal behavior which they have funded extensively. Their delusions of wiping the earth clean of billions of darker skinned people has not come to pass yet. However, the people are rapidly awakening to what has been going on and at the very least it's murder. More correctly described it is genocide. As more and more average people come to realize that genocide is not just a word used to describe the Nazi era, but it is going on right now, they will unify to defend themselves. These Rothschild and Rockefeller elitists have provided ample evidence of their criminality against their fellow man. It lays there in plain view for everyone to have a look. Up until now people haven't had reason enough to have a look and information has not been so readily available. Every second more individuals learn of the crimes committed by the elites causing our numbers to continue growing. Once we know the truth none of us can ever unlearn the truth or re-trust the perpetrators. It's a race against time that pits the masses of the earth against the few thousand global elitist families. The elites must figure out a way to annihilate billions of us very soon and cause so much chaos that once the dust clears it will be just they and a few lucky survivors who are still living. For them it's either that, prison or worse. To show you how crazy these rich global elitists are we need only look at the attack on Rupert Murdoch. After we may be successfully wiped off the planet these nuts will still be fighting against each other for domination. Murdoch has the ability to bring the whole house of cards down himself by coming clean about 9/11 and also the London 7/7 attacks staged by intelligence insiders. He's eighty so what does a selfish man have to lose? He may be threatening to play that card right now behind the scenes to defend him empire. It's another big mistake by the elitists. Even if they are successful the fighting will continue.

The only way peace can prevail at this point is at the hands of the people. The people of the earth must topple the global elites before it is too late. If Israel does go ahead and attack Iran in September it may unleash the genocide genie that cannot be put back into the bottle. The elites believe they can hide in their bomb shelters until the smoke clears. Then they believe they will emerge and rule the world. That's how nutty they are. So let's see what dirt Rupert has on the Soros faction backed by Rothschild.

Just because you are not black should give you little comfort. All your European lineage may buy you is the opportunity to serve the needs of the Malthusian elite class.


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