Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Stand Down

The security/police forces sure are having bad luck. First, on 9/11 all the fighter jets meant to protect NY and DC airspace had already been scrambled hundreds of miles away on a training exercise. Just dumb bad luck I suppose. Now we discover that the Norwegian police authorities had the same sort of bad luck in Oslo. Apparently there were no helicopters available to get the police onto the island so they could stop the carnage. So after the 90 minute car ride followed by a police boat that also had the bad luck of sinking as soon as the cops started to get aboard with their equipment, the authorities finally did reach Anders Breivic and called him out by name to lay down his weapon and be prepared to be arrested.

So all the luck wasn't totally bad. Like on 9/11 the authorities immediately knew who was responsible for the murders as soon as they occurred.



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