Friday, July 22, 2011

Debt Plan

Gosh! How badly do Americans have to be swindled before they wake up? Just take a look at Social Security for example. Back during the Reagan Administration Social Security contributions were steeply increased to account for the surge in baby boomer retirees - right around now. Well as soon as the Congress started collecting this fund for the future they started spending the loot and leaving a big fat IOU in its place.

Fast-forward to today. The government's broke and finding it difficult to borrow additional wealth to keep their game afloat. There is no Social Security trust fund because we should not have trusted liars, thieves and scoundrels to mind it for us. Now Obama has agreed with himself that the old will just have to get by with less from Social Security and Medicare too.

But any savings the federal government and private Federal Reserve reap from paying out less benefits to the old will be dwarfed by how much the crooks plan to save when these cuts as well as other thefts known as "austerity" kick in and kill off millions of older Americans. They and the poor are net consumers of federally seized revenue. Their uselessness as taxable free range slaves means they have to go.

Pretty much if you don't have friends and family in the coming years you better pray you're healthy or you're dead! The Hilliary Clinton's, George Bush's and Barrack Obama's of the world constantly yap on about compassion and helping the poor. Most of the people have been suckers for these liars. Many of us now face premature extinction as a result of this swindle where we let the compassionate ones mind our retirement funds for us. All the while the trillion dollar wars go on and on with the majority of taxpayers believing it somehow protects our freedom here to murder millions over there while swiping their oil and other resources.

Even including the 9/11 false flag attack, terrorism only accounts for fewer deaths than bee stings each year. Yet Americans are so TV programmed that they fear for their safety and believe a terrorist could get them at any second. Of course the reality is even including the terrorist murders committed by traitors within our own government to scare us into acceptance of their thievery and control, a pitifully small percentage of us actually die or even witness an attack personally. The TV boogieman's us 24/7 so that in the minds of everyday Americans it is the threat of terrorism that consumes their thinking and not the corruption in our government.

I'm 57 years old. I've never personally witnessed a terrorist attack. Have you? Then why are we letting these fear mongering crooks and murderers push us around and steal our money?


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