Sunday, May 29, 2011

American Dog Training

Are you allowing yourself to be trained like a dog? Well let's see. Do you have a wide perspective on the world or do you get your current event information via the TV networks and newspapers or worse yet from dramatic productions?

But are these forms of information dog training? Well terrorists, both independent ones and also those connected with our government and others, kill fewer Americans on average than lightening. Yet the media is totally in agreement with the politicians that just extended the Patriot Act which officially strips all Americans especially the weakest and least connected of their God given rights. Is this a rational decision based on a real danger for all Americans everywhere all the time or is this a purely emotionally based phobia hyped up on TV, dramatic productions and in newsprint? It is worth giving up our individual right to be free of interference from the government in order to be free from terrorism?

The newsprint/network conglomerates all agree that the Afghans were freedom fighters when they were trying to kick the Soviets out of their country but now have become terrorists as they try to expel our occupying soldiers. The MSM hypes the need for our troops to be on the ground all over the world shooting or dropping explosives while our country is rapidly going broke and in danger of a total collapse. Our social structure is a few meals away from total disintegration but we export billions to off shore corporations supporting the war effort. These bankers financing the corporate bombers are earning record profits together while the average Americans paying the bill struggles just to stay afloat. The airwaves are filled with stories about how our boys are fighting terrorists in Afghanistan but no news about the trillions worth of gold, lithium and other resources there for the stealing.

Are these rational decisions going to war to supposedly stop several Americans from being murdered each year by terrorists or is this the media induced mental salivations of dogs?

You tell me amigos.


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