Saturday, March 26, 2011

Message To Mainstream Media

Well I refer to you as the mainstream media but lets face facts - you've been replaced. The alternative media of personally chosen proven RELIABLE sources of information available over the Internet like is where most Americans get their news. Sorry to be the one to break the news to you.

The nuke meltdown was the final nail in the network coffin. Radiation, young children and every fetus do not go together, period! Dammit to hell I have a young granddaughter that I do not care to have irradiated at any level even if the government swears it's safe. The EPA says a large number of our detectors don't appear to be working but don't worry - the other ones showing more normal readings are the ones they will use to assure us everything is safe.

Here's the truth. These greedy globalists have their palms getting greased of many things right down to our food and water supply. So these same multinational monstrosities that own the old MSM also are heavily involved in big agro and seafood processing. The MSM therefore will lie to save these other industries from economic devastation that would be the normal outcome should the truth be known. Informed minds never ingest radioactive food and drink so you are crazy to eat Pacific fish from this day forward.

In Japan 37 million people in Tokyo are trapped like rats being lied to like hell. Japan is already one of the most populated regions on the planet and they might have just ruined the top have of the nation. They've experienced yellow rain but the government says not to worry it's just pollen just as the Soviets did during Chernobyl. Thousands of kids played in the Chernobyl yellow rain and they are dead today. But Anderson Cooper even did some broadcasts from Japan when the winds were blowing the right way to massage our fears but to no avail. Has any of the globalists smarty pants running this earth operation thought about what's going to happen when a million or more Japanese start showing signs of acute radiation sickness? The blotchy red lesions are already being reported by the reliable alternative media. Your final cover-up will be exposed. These are your last days if you made your living lying thinking you could do so forever and get away with it.

The only real chance that these globalists can escape justice for their lies that murder millions, is to get this next world war rolling as fast as they can. The other two main oligarchies, the Russians and the Chinese are growing in power and influence. The globalists will first attempt to destabilize China from within. But an alliance of convenience may develop between China and Russia that results in a nuclear exchange aimed at us. With America torturing its way around the globe, murdering young boys then posing with the corpse, dropping drone bombs on wedding parties, lets admit the truth - we ARE the Nazis now. We must be stopped especially if you see things from the perspective of other nations victimized by our globalist controlled military.

But realize this. The other oligarchies don't want nuclear war and that is a good thing. It is our ruling oligarchy that craves this next war because they justify it as a cleansing of the earth of the sub human low life's. Of course not having to face justice for crimes like ruining half of Japan is a good thing too if you are a globalists with the best bomb shelters and years worth of fresh air, food and water.

But as for the redneck suckered Americans yahooing it up over bombing Libya you better wise up or prepare to die. The middle east destabilization is all part of the plan. The American destabilization has already begun using the sneak attack dollar devaluation bombs causing price explosions. The next phase is the false flag staged attack which could be in America, Europe or on troops in the Libyan theater to pave the way for full invasion.

The Japanese situation is one of those events the globalists had not planned on and now it will consume more and more of their time and resources to try and make go away. But they will fail as the magnitude of the problem is exposed as well as the callous disregard for life that these globalists and their employees in the U.S. and Japanese government have for us little people always getting in the way of their grand plans. As it becomes apparent that we are no more than vermin to be rid of I believe things will finally change.

You are NOT vermin. Good or bad you are human. In fact even those of you doing bad things would stop if you were left alone by the globalists milking you like cows for your resources. You would be too busy creating wealth to lead a life of petty crime.

We need to stop these globalists and rip control of our federal government from their control before they use it against us. We might even get some help from members of the MSM. Heck, I even saw Glenn Beck yesterday doing a show on the Federal Reserve Board. That ain't good for globalist's business.


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