Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Favor The Law

Many Americans who hear me think I'm against the law. This is just part of the globalist conditioning meant to soften us up for their plans.

For example, we are at war with Libya and this time Congress didn't even pass a cheesy resolution to give the president broad latitude to engage in hostile activities against another nation. I even heard one particularly stupid network talking head explaining that the Libyan war was not a technical declaration of war so there was no need to consult Congress. Really? What would constitute a "technical" act of war?

We've fire hundreds of cruise missiles at Qaddafi's forces. One of our jets has crashed allegedly from mechanical trouble. Perhaps they fueled up with that 9/11 magic jet fuel by mistake and it melted the engines? We're giving arms to the natives hand over fists and reconnaissance too. Tell me - if some other nation did these same acts against us here in America would you consider them acts of war? So now the U.N. controls our troop deployment.

The reason the Constitution demands that Congress declare all wars is it forces a debate on the issue. It makes no difference that American governments going back to Truman have violated their oath of office on this and many other fundamental responsibilities. The law is the law and the highest of the laws is the U.S. Constitution.

But it is only possible because the majority of Americans have been rendered ignorant and sometimes even tragically stupid with toxic mickeys slipped into what they ingest. For example aspartame makes people dumber than a rock by blocking their ability to focus. Diet drinks are like carbonated Attention Deficit Disorder in a can.

The reality is Libya is part of the ongoing globalist destabilization meant to give the banker's cover for their monetary shenanigans. All global currency is fiat meaning it is created when it is lent out by the globalist bankers. Currently we are in the greatest wave of debt creation in the history of the planet and this cannot be sustained or ever paid back.

So the bankers plan has been simple. Dispense with all usual modes of creating new money and just hand it out electronically to the banking elite. They understand the price increases this would cause for things that people depend on like bread and milk for the kids especially in the middle east where most people are robbed poor by their governments already. Go back and look at what happened during the French Revolution. People were hungry.

So the bankers using their employees at the C.I.A., MOSSAD, MI5, etc. just add a bit of gun powder to the situation and jockey to get their stooges into power after the old governments are driven from power. In Egypt the people there seem to be on to the banksters because no globalist stooge has yet been successfully foisted on the Egyptian people.

But all of this Kabuki Theater is meant to cover the bankster's asses for the price increases in the West. How many times a day have you been told gas prices are up because of disruptions in the middle east? Look at it this way. The price of gas has doubled in two years allegedly from middle east conflict. Certainly no one can claim any of the conflict in the middle east is a bad as what has happened in Japan. Has everything in Japan double in price?

Prices are escalating mostly due to the explosive increase in the money supply. Instead of calling it what they use to call it, hyperinflation, they made up a cute name for it - Q.E. 1 and Q.E. 2. Quantitative Easing... It's like the world economy was suffering from monetary constipation so the wise bankers used a fiscal laxative just created in the laboratories for the task. Again, since most Americans were only just learning what inflation actually consisted of, printing up way too much fiat money and not the price increases it causes, the banksters had to think up the new term to hide the old one.

The bankster are going for broke. Get prepared because they will take America and Western Europe down using the flood of counterfeit money. Counterfeiting your enemy's money is a standard war tactic. It depends of subterfuge and wide ignorance of the general public.

So as long as Americans sit in front of the tube nodding their head in agreement about the conflicts in the middle east causing gas to be so high, which causes the food prices to soar, and auto parts prices to double in just the last year or so take it from me, then we're going down hard amigos. It's totally unnecessary too.

Most of the Congress are ignorant windbags sprinkles with a few outright filthy traitors who have sold us out for the thirty pieces of silver. If the bulk of the 300 million Americans were wise to this attack and made our demands known to Congress as one people then here is what Congress would be forced to do. Indict the Federal Reserve bankers, seize all their property and assets, declare all American debt owed to the Federal Reserve to be null and void, eliminate paper money and return to legal gold and silver money and finally kill the income tax. The only reason for it is to pay interest to the foreign banksters attacking America. How stupid is that? We've been funding the secret attack on our own economy.


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