Thursday, March 24, 2011

Make Something - Do Something

That is what it comes down to amigos. I guarantee everyone of you has talents that the rest of us could use if only the bureaucracy and politicians as well as their directors, the foreign bankers, would get the hell out of our way and our wallets.

I begin with these premises and ask you to join me please. Firstly, we own ourselves and everything we create and produce. Therefore no entity can legally take our property using income taxes. Secondly, we share the earth rather than fight over it constantly. Therefore, we own our homes and businesses which means we do not owe any debt to the Federal Reserve Bank whatsoever. The only debt that is legitimate that would need to be repaid are reserves put up by private lenders operating legally. That amount would usually be less than ten percent of any particular debt. So a monthly home Mortgage would go from say, $3000 to only $300. The Fed Bankers will be behind bars with many of the politicians who committed treason against us. Fed notes would be replaced by precious metal money at the current exchange rate before the dollars can be devalued more by the banking invaders.

Now amigos! Under just these simple reforms will emerge a revitalized, powerful America. To stay in your house on average you will pay only three hundred bucks a month. Which family can't earn $300 a month to pay their Mortgage if there is no income tax or federal regulations currently being deployed to stifle competition? The reason you must pay thousands each month is to pay interest on debt you didn't borrow and rent on the dollars you don't own.

Once Americans are free again, ALL Americans this time, we will put our talents to good use. The only thing stopping us now are the federal tax sheriffs demanding more and more tax loot as well as the minions of federal meddlers aiding this globalist take-over. These federal bureaucrat princes and princesses will need to get reals jobs because they will no longer be permitted to leech off the American people for the foreign bankers.

If you think you will become secure by allowing an army of federal leeches to take half of what you create for the foreign bankers then give the power to other bands of federal bureaucrats to boss you around about how you can spend what remains, the real world is about to come crashing down around you. I don't believe anything can stop the impending currency crack-up that is the real cause of escalating prices for food and gasoline and other commodities. It's not the conflicts in the middle east that cause prices to rise. Prices rise because greedy, elitist, disgusting international bankers and corporate swine are flooding the world with fiat currencies and these price increases create the conditions for the empty stomachs that lead to social unrest. Conflict in the middle east causes price increases only if you are dumb enough to fall for that nonsense on TV.

Don't get me wrong. I have no delusions that suddenly the rest of America will somehow get this message and reform to save the nation. Instead, I believe we are going down hard, real soon. So I'm just putting these ideas out there in the hope that after the collapse people will be searching for ideas on how we can get out of this mess. This is another info-virus.


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