Saturday, March 12, 2011

When The U.S.S.R. Fell & The Next Super Moon

There were many reasons why the Soviet Union disintegrated. But they were summed up by the Chernobyl nuclear accident. It forced citizens to ask the question, "Who the freaking hell is in charge here?"

When fools and criminals run a government the last thing they want is for the people to take notice of what is going on and start asking who's in charge. The American commissars have had the majority trembling in their high heels about the deadly CO2 gas we all breath out. So Obama and his pips are shutting down coal fired electric plants and recommending the nuclear plant alternative.

How would you like one of these babies in your neck of the woods? The huge explosion at the plant can't be a good thing. It's a 40 year-old General Electric plant of course. I mention G.E. as they are one of the commissars running the show here and they are instructing their Congressional employees and Obamites to keep shutting down coal fired plants and to fire up the nukes only G.E. (MSNBC) and a couple of the other commissars can provide. Now with the devastation at the Japanese nuke electric plant looking more and more likely to turn out real badly Americans will be asking lots of questions now.

I've always told you the truth, amigos. Human generated CO2 has no impact on climate on the planet earth. The whole thing has been an enormous con job on the people of the earth by fools and criminals so they could control us and steal our things. The sun is the culprit for the earth heating and cooling. Any effect CO2 may have on the climate is dwarfed whenever one of these volcanoes goes off putting out more CO2 than all of us emit in a year.

The super moon on March 19th when it is closest to earth will exert tremendous gravitational pull on the earth's magma. So look for two things around this approaching date. There should be increased tectonic/volcanic activity and if so expect Al Gore to blame the lava and shaking on you breathing and stinking up the planet with you miserable life. Shame on you for wanting to live taking up space on Al's planet.


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