Friday, March 11, 2011

Higher Level Of Government

Basically, the ruling elites have foisted higher levels of government to replace local government. Why? There is no money in it unless the operation is big.

So the plan is to first standardize the law on a national level in each country. This was easy in most of the world's tin horn dictatorships, religious theocracies and kingdoms because they were already standardized and homogenized in each country. But in the U.S. it was particularly difficult because we were by design supposed to be a decentralized republic of states and localities. For the most part each locality designed the neighborhoods they wanted even if other localities thought the people crazy for running their town in such a manner. As long as individuals in each jurisdiction did not have their individual rights violated by the states and localities then the federal government could just mind their own damn business. That was for the most part defending the nation, running the federal courts, Post Office, U.S. Marshall's, coin money, etc. Today, the highly effective propaganda generated by the television networks and state "education" system have most Americans convinced each of us must be under standardized federal one-size-fits-all national government rule - right down to the kind of toilets that are legal.

Now toilets are an excellent example of why local rule is far better than national rule. It may very well be that a local government in say, Arizona where the climate is extremely arid, will want to ban certain toilets that consume lots of water. This is even legal under the U.S. Constitution. But wasting one penny foisting low water flow toilets on the citizens of Seattle where it rains constantly and water is not hard to come by, is just plain stupid. Plus, this one size fits all notion often does not garner the desired results. How many of you have had to flush twice? It's great that these toilets use a smaller quantity of water under federal dictates except when you have to flush twice. The second flush is required to finish the job and flush the odd belief in federal overlords.

Naturally, the next phase is international dictators who foist international laws on local Americans. There is already plenty of "cooperation" with U.N. dictators. The way this is happening is the nationalization we have gone through over the past hundred years in this despicable usurpation of the Constitution, has led to economic decline. There are two main reasons for this decline. One, if you collect a dollar locally, then tote it to Washington, DC and run it through the bureaucracy, generally about a nickle is left to be spent back on the local region from which it was taken. If you don't believe me then visit the Washington region and compare it to your neck of the woods. Even though our economy here is not great it's better than where you are - I'll wager and win most every bet placed from everywhere else in the former republic of the United States of America. Of course the other main reason nationalized government causes economic decline is corruption. Sure there has always been local corruption but it is easier to root out locally by the local citizens. Many historical examples demonstrate how the towns people came together to clean up a corrupt town. But on a national level the crooks inside and outside of government can design increasing sophisticated schemes like fiat paper dollars that rob the people blind in such a fashion as they never realized they have been robbed.

Worse, the federal cops are the ones in charge, even usurping local authorities Constitutional supremacy. The leadership of these nationalized police agencies has been under the control of the international bankers for decades through bribery and blackmail. This is obvious when no bankers have been prosecuted for the recent fraud against the American people. But the schemes are too complex for the majority of attention deficit Americans to grasp. All Joe and Jane Six-Pack know is the dang economy ain't right and it's 'cause of those dang A-rabs again.

We are in the midst of the final phase being implemented by these elite international bankers who tell the government's they control what to do to their people. They are going to start another great war and hide out in their bunkers until enough of us kill each other off. Then they will slither from there snake pits and install their final world monetary system and government under the elites control but from behind the scenes. We will all still have our little national presidents, legislators and such. But much as our local governments have become, these officials will have no real power. The fact is our current White House occupant, the Congress and the Federal Courts have all been under the control of the foreign bankers for decades.

It is probably not possible to vote these traitors like Congressman Pete King out of office because we have adopted a Stalinist election model. The traitors get to count the votes in secret and don't have to prove it with paper ballots. These traitors like all organized crime operations keep two sets of books. One set they show to the public which includes all costs but many key investments are not included. So it appears we are running deficits when actually the federal government owns trillions worst of physical assets and preforming investments. These are not under the American people's control even though we technically are the owners. The foreign bankers control this loot and it is growing larger all the time. What are we to do?

Well, marching on the Wisconsin capital is a useless waste of time and a great diversion. But it does not get to the heart of the matter - that being resources are constantly extracted from localities and given to international bankers who control our national government. We cannot vote these traitors out of office so that's out. The only hope is marching on Washington, D.C.

There are tens of millions of American's without jobs due to a willful destruction of our economy by scumbags just like Pete King who are working for the international bankers. If you include their family members too that is a huge army of desperate people ruined by Pete's dictates. They had better all start marching towards Washington, D.C. to surround this corrupted government while they still can. Once the final great war is launched then all bets are off. It will be too late and an emergency will be declared so this army of unemployed can be rounded up and dealt with accordingly. If you can't figure out what that means read your communist manifesto. You will be filling the needs of the international banking elites including being exterminated should that be deemed best for everybody. Traitors like Pete King will get their just rewards as well. Once you are of no use to these bankster scum then your life is not worst spit Petey.

This is not a call to arms but a call to minds. The center of the cabal is the Federal Reserve Board and Washington, D.C. The sound money militia needs to form up and start marching to D.C. When enough of you are here in Washington you will force the hands of the tyrant banking elites and that will be their demise. It will be Cairo on the Potomac.

What are you waiting for? Washington, D.C. is particularly nice in the spring. There are plenty of sights to see for free. If ten million or so decided to make the trip we could organize a bankster resistance using Face Book, Twitter, email, etc. to topple this corrupt regime. Hopefully just the shear numbers of Americans descending on Washington would scare the federal traitors into doing the right thing. That includes ending the Fed and fiat paper money, returning to real gold and silver money, abolishing all American debt owed to the Federal Reserve and perhaps handing over the head schemers to their biggest creditors in China and the Arab world for justice.

But this march is unlikely to happen because Americans are dumbed down and busy fighting each other because that is who they have been led to believe is their enemy. In fact, the only thing that would galvanize the American people is if somehow the American people were to learn the truth about the 9/11 coup. There are scenarios where this could happen. For example, if the secret police want to murder Obama like they did with JFK but Obama got wind of it, he could wipe out his opposition by going public with indictments for the 9/11 conspiracy. Charlie Sheen knows the truth about the 9/11 treason and he might be the one to see that the American people see the light. The point is the world is a chaotic place with countless possible outcomes. If nothing is done and real soon then nothing will be able to be done. In fact if Americans don't put on their marching shoes this spring and summer forget about it. It will be too late for millions of us thereafter. The local armies of resistance to bankster occupation had better start walking to stop them or plan to serve them.


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