Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Rothschild Twerp

Here is Nathaniel Rothschild who just lost a libel suit against the Daily Mail which wrote a story about him asserting he is the puppet master in the world of finance.

The reason I show a photo of this little twerp is so in the event that any of you cross paths with the maggot you can kick his ass for me. Remember this face. This disgusting piece of filth actually fancies himself superior to the rest of us and wants to wipe most of us out to make room for him and his elite crew. Even if he is successful I'm hoping at least one of us normal people who survives the planned holocaust will recognize Nathanial in the future and do him in. From here forward Nate should not be able to go out publicly for fear of losing his life.

Remember, Nathaniel Rothschild hates you and wishes to murder you. Therefore I want everybody to know who he is and what he looks like. Please develop sufficient hatred for this elitist scumbag who may very well be the most evil man in the world. He does have plenty of competition and he's not really a man but a frilly laced girl masquerading as a man.

Finally a message to law enforcement and the secret police. This is who you work for. How can you sleep sacrificing your family's future so the little pipsqueak can have more of the earth to himself?


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