Saturday, February 04, 2012

2012 Peasant Revolt

The way to beat the globalist snakes who have hijacked western governments is to go back to the land as much as possible immediately. Only transact locally with non corporate entities. Grow your own food. Don't go out for any recreational activity and boycott the airport. Use to acquire as many of your needs as possible. Use barter where ever and whenever possible. Convert all extra paper money into precious metals or something tangible that can save money or make money. Only watch television if you understand that everything, especially network news broadcasts, are staged dramatic productions. Avoid the cities and congregating in crowds as the government domestic traitors always go for the big kill numbers and the dramatic effect. Buy in bulk and preserve what you produce.

Pick a date peasants...any date. I'd suggest July 4th 2012. The globalists have a later dooms day date with quite a different agenda in mind for us. Forget about going to protests because if the corrupt ruffee news even covers the thing they will spin it negatively and the government will send in provocateurs to sow unrest. Instead, do nothing but hunker down for economic war. If all the peasants do this at once it would take only a month or two for the house of cards to collapse. The only hope is for the global financial system to totally crumble because it removes the enemy's most deadly weapon - money. After sixty days the vipers will have been arrested along with the traitors in our governments as well as the peasant overseers beating, tasering and pepper spraying us in the streets just for speaking our minds.

This peasant revolt may seem like too much sacrifice but I've been living this way for my entire life. Now I am not dependent on globalists killers or their traitorous peasant overseers because I am self-reliant. It is so much easier today to do-it-yourself with the Internet. Use the Internet like a weapon. Share ideas with fellow peasants on how to survive the take down.

Now quietly begin spreading the word about the peasant free range slave revolt. The Cubans call it radio bemba or word of mouth. Let the word go out all across America and the European, African, Asian nations too. On July 4th of this year just stop. Try to extract as much from the globalists as possible, cost them wealth anyway possible but produce only what you require for yourself. By this date all peasants should have all of their extra paper assets converted into something tangible. Go no place and spend nothing with the globalist. Most businesses will completely fail in the first 30 days of the revolt causing a complete economic collapse which is a good thing. A rapid take-down like this will quickly remove the parasite class along with their minions of peasant overseers. Thereafter freed peasants will immediately start up the economy once again but without income tax, peasant control regulations or other wealth extractions by the globalists or their overseers.



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