Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Living In A Nation Of Snitches

Most likely you fit the profile of a terrorist and will be reported on eventually if not already. Do you have a neighbor, coworker, etc. that just doesn't like you? Well they can discreetly report you to the FBI for the following activities if you fit the profile or even make stuff up about you:

Are overly concerned about privacy, attempts to shield the screen from view of

 Always pay cash or use credit card(s) in different name(s)
 Apparently use tradecraft: lookout, blocker or someone to distract employees
 Act nervous or suspicious behavior inconsistent with activities
 Are observed switching SIM cards in cell phone or use of multiple cell phones
 Travel illogical distance to use Internet Café
Activities on Computer indicate:
 Evidence of a residential based internet provider (signs on to Comcast, AOL,
 Use of anonymizers, portals, or other means to shield IP address
 Suspicious or coded writings, use of code word sheets, cryptic ledgers, etc.
 Encryption or use of software to hide encrypted data in digital photos, etc.
 Suspicious communications using VOIP or communicating through a PC game
Use Computers to:
 Download content of extreme/radical nature with violent themes
 Gather information about vulnerable infrastructure or obtain photos, maps or
diagrams of transportation, sporting venues, or populated locations
 Purchase chemicals, acids, hydrogen peroxide, acetone, fertilizer, etc.
 Download or transfer files with “how-to” content such as:
- Content of extreme/radical nature with violent themes
- Anarchist Cookbook, explosives or weapons information
- Military tactics, equipment manuals, chemical or biological information
- Terrorist/revolutionary literature
- Preoccupation with press coverage of terrorist attacks
- Defensive tactics, police or government information
- Information about timers, electronics, or remote transmitters / receivers
It is important to remember that just because someone’s speech,
actions, beliefs, appearance, or way of life is different; it does not
mean that he or s he is suspicious.

My my we're all terrorists. Come on amigos! How clownish do these tyrants have to get before the truth of the matter becomes clear? The men who founded this country understood very clearly what threatened the republic. They could not imagine who would arise in 250 years to menace us but they had a plan that worked beautifully to protect us. Once we stop following the plan we signed off on our own doom. Fortunately, we can turn on a dime any time we wise up.

It is centralized power that is destroying the republic pure and simple. This power has been sold to us as the solution to all of our problems from poverty, to drug abuse, teen age pregnancy, illiteracy, etc. But everything the federal government touches turns into mierda as Cubans say outside of polite company. Much of this failure is by design for two reasons. One, bureaucracies need excuses to grow. If the labor department solved unemployment they'd be out of a job. Joking aside, the real problem is the reigns of the federal government are under foreign control now. It was so easy to conquer us because we gave the invaders the keys to the nation when we allowed power to be centralized.

Rather than try to replace the corrupt federal official the time has come to seize our responsibility for our neighborhoods, households and ourselves. We should rally around the local sheriffs who are the highest law enforcer in each locality. The citizens must back the sheriffs in blocking federal intrusions into the neighborhoods. Crime must be fought by the locals in each locality. For example, their is so much evidence of so many crimes committed by the biggest terrorist threat we face, federal government rogues under foreign control, that local grand juries could easily indict federal officials like Eric Holder for murder in Oklahoma City. Much of the federal bureaucracies are filled currently with regular Americans just doing a duped compartmentalized job for the foreign attackers using modern information war. The CIA and FBI lackeys reading this stuff I write everyday for example fall into two categories. A few believe themselves insiders and know basically all about the treasonous activities going on. This includes people like Eric Holder. Most however still don't see the big picture or they do and are scared. People who cross Eric Holder don't just lose their jobs - they lose their lives.

So you ask to be saved by a lot of federal workers who have wised up about the treason around them. You can't expect them to risk their lives for you when you won't even defend yourselves. But you folks take your local law enforcement power which you already possess and start indicting top federal officials they will have their movements restricted to fewer and fewer states. Soon every state will have a warrant for the arrest of these traitors. When we are at this stage then the rank and file workers in the federal government will come out of the wood works with the truth. The entire house of cards will collapse and we will own America once again. Much of what you owe on your mortgage at the end of the line is actually going to the attackers in control of the federal government. What are you waiting for?


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