Thursday, February 02, 2012

I Have Faith In Humans

Here's the deal. The several global crime families in operation for about three hundred years now have made assumptions. For example they assume that almost all of you people are barbaric and inferior to them. The elites feel you need to be manipulated into doing virtually anything that would lead to a greater good as the elites of course! Therefore, naturally you can be enslaved and killed at their pleasure as long as the elites can justify it in their own minds.

I, on the other hand, believe in you. I feel that every one of you can be great in your own way. It is my opinion that what has always blocked this from occurring is ignorance. Therefore the only thing in your way to greatness is the time spent to seek knowledge. You have been worked to death by these elites and sent off to war by them supposedly to build a better world. Little time is left for study especially when an ample supply of toxic elixirs is constantly being provided to the people to numb their thinking.

Back in 1985 I set up a bulletin board for the translation company I ran so documents could be picked up and sent back to the office in DC. I understood how information could be exchanged at that time but no clue where this technology would lead twenty-five years later. It is more obvious ever day that the same holds true for the elite crime families. They had big plans for how the Internet would be the icing on their cake. All the vipers could see was how the Internet was going to efficiently make them a bundle while easing their way into total domination over us. Boy has that ever blown up in their faces. They never saw these days coming and as a result the elites are in a race for their very lives now. They have to figure out a plausible way to murder 4/5 of you before you learn about their crime family history over the Internet and kill them first.

Be that as it may, my original belief is that all that separates you from the elites is knowledge. Every one of you can prove me right about your greatness by using the Internet to learn the truth. If you become enlightened we can take this planet to an age of greatness and plenty. The Internet is a tool never before available in history but it is up to humanity to use it for more than porn surfing and shopping. Spend a few minutes each day researching what the crime families are paying our governments to do to us for our enslavement. If you do this we can defeat the global crime families then sailed unimpeded into an age of enlightenment, peace and prosperity. Use the Internet solely as the distraction weapon deployed by the elites and we all shall become slaves together.

Only humans can prove me right or wrong. I betting on humans.


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