Saturday, January 28, 2012

Free Range Slave Report

At the end of the day, what we have here, is a failure to the majority of free range slaves that they are indeed free range slaves. This is especially so in America as we are under total information bombardment telling us that this is not so. Combine this with the corporate poisons dulling the senses, making us ill and killing us before our time, is it any wonder people can't grasp that they are property?

What does the owner of property do with their property? They mark it with their brand. They count their property and estimate its value. They borrow money based on that property value. They finger their property, play with it as well as pay keepers to handle their property to establish the condition of their property. The owners always want their property operating exactly as they deem appropriate. The owners of property always extract as much productive output from their property as possible. Finally, once the property becomes old and no longer functions at peak efficiency it is discarded by the owner. Sound familiar?

Convincing convicts that they are in fact slaves for the prison industry is not a hard sell. I find it much more difficult explaining to the free range slaves on the outside that they are existing in a form of slavery. The average free range slave can't even see that the prison labor paying pennies per hour drives down their wages on the outside. The free range slave doesn't understand how this slave markets operates. Most don't even know who their real owners are or how our governments have sold us to them in secret.

Our real owners are five international banking/industrialist families. They control all western media and a good deal elsewhere. They play war with their free range slave toys and it gives them great joy. They pay their government employees well so they will continue to sell us to these few slave holding families. People around the world must see this to become free. Ignore our corrupt governments and focus on the crime families. They must be taken down. These slave owners must die for us to live. They are waited on hand and foot by minions of free range slaves. If any of these free range slave busboys were to grasp what these few inbred snakes are doing then they would certainly poison the tea of the dirty scum.

So that's the plan fellow free range slaves. You slaves close to the top scum must execute the filth to save all of us including your children. The main strategy in this slave revolt is to restrict the movement of the slave owners and make them distrust all of their free range house slaves. They must fear being poisoned or being infected by their medical staff with something that they will not recover from. Cuban medical staff damn near took out Castro this way but he got international crime family doctors from abroad to save him. But the most important thing the international slave owning families should understand is that we know who they are and where they live. We despise you so greatly for your disgusting behavior and treatment of us that we want you to die preferably in a long, drawn out, painful way.

One of our free range slaves is going to get each one of you. As more of your servants understand the magnitude of your evil they will do what is necessary to end your lives for the greater good. More of the world's free range slave population knows who you are as Rockefeller recently discovered in an Argentina airport. He was only screamed at by a brave free range slave on that occasion. The next such encounter with an enlightened free range slave may not end so pleasantly for you.

Even if unrest in the free range slave population only causes restless nights for the crime families and the traitors in our individual governments - that's just fine. But the global criminals should wonder every day if this will be the day we get them and when they go to sleep at night if something might cause them to never wake again. The same goes for all their family members until the ranks of the Illuminati are crushed. Final, this free range counter attack is meant to rush your schedule for mass extermination. We want to force you to make a miscalculation. We want your duped minions reading this from their secret police locations to be shocked. We want them to research who you are and what you've already done to their family and loved ones. If we get the police to understand you are finished.


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