Wednesday, January 25, 2012

U.S.S. Enterprise False Flag Attack

Remember, one big reason the Twin Towers were imploded on the 9/11 false flag attack is they were obsolete white elephants. They were filled with asbestos and other deadly materials plus the aluminum siding was starting to pop off. Evidently, the clips holding the plates on were rusting and beginning to fail. The EPA said "no" to controlled demolition of the towers because of all the deadly toxins that would be released.

So also remember that money is more important to the crime families running our military than people. Will the crime families pay the millions to decommission the Enterprise including it's nuclear reactors? From their perspective it's better to spend people than money. The crime families could handle their problem with China. How?

The Iranians reportedly have already threatened the U.S. to not sail through the Straits of Hormuz again with our crime family controlled war ships. So the crime families sail the Enterprise through the Straits, sink it murdering the sailors blocking the waterway for oil tankers, blame this false flag attack of Iran, shout outrage for this shockingly brazen attack by Iran but show restraint and not retaliate militarily eliminating the possibility of bringing China and Russia into a war on Iran's side. It won't be necessary at that point. The real goal is the availability and price of oil - that's it. The crime families will be happy because the disruption in the flow of oil will cause a barrel of oil to soar in price by hundreds of dollars. The western economies will be devastated with gas in the U.S. at $10 per gallon. The police state in western nations will be released by the false flag emergency allowing the crime family controlled governments the opportunity to eliminate the opposition and consolidate power over the people. A new financial system and money will be offered as a fix for the fake problem caused by the crime families. Russia will not complain at all because the price of Russian oil also will skyrocket. Only China will be left out in the cold with no Iranian oil.

This plan starves China of oil but blames the Iranians for sinking the Enterprise in the Straits of Hormuz. The crime families plan will cause internal problems within China as oil stops flowing from Iran. The crime families hope this will cause civil war in China eliminating the Chinese as a threat to crime family power. As for the Russians they will happily sell their oil for a fortune as well as watch their once powerful neighbor to the East implode. The Russians will also sit idly by as the western nation's economies are strangled into compliance and acceptance of the new money and financial system. The crime families, after installation of the system, money and consolidation of control over the western nations will then turn their attentions to Russia. How they will break up Russia I cannot say at this point. That is too far down the road.

But spread the word about the attack on the Enterprise and maybe we can save those sailors and stop the artificial destruction of the economy.


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