Monday, January 30, 2012

No Rufee News

Honestly, these days I can hardly even take five seconds of any network news program. They all are useless wastes of time meant only to distract people and convince them we live in a world that does not really exist. The same goes for newspapers and magazines. They all are a disgraceful waste of trees for pulp.

After someone like me realizes what has really been going on in the world, that usually is quite the opposite of what the rufee networks are claiming, how can I pay any attention to the entire pack of liars? Every second these lying scoundrels pretend Arabs attacked us on 9/11 instead of the actual rogues who did the job it reviles me. Hell these media snakes still don't even acknowledge the contrived Gulf of Tonkin tail wags the dog completely fake attack that never happened except in our living rooms on TV. The rufee news delivered the broad daylight murder of JFK by these same cutthroats and to this very day cling to the nonsense story that Oswald done it.

You all have a face full of broken cookie jar cookies and where you're standing looks very crummy to me. In the last few years I would still watch the rufee news to see what they were trying to get me to believe but that isn't even necessary at this point in time. Enough of the formerly compartmentalized insider dupes are waking up to these filthy criminal and they are talking and sending out evidence of the crimes to alternative media like and

You rufee news hounds are about to have some dog days perhaps for the rest of your lives. If you are not in too deep with the enemy and have awakened to what YOU are a part of - you might want to think about joining the patriots who believe in individual God given rights and not rufee news boogie men. I predict when conscientiousness of the treason reaches a critical mass your media house of cards will crumble in one day and vanish forever.


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