Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Last Time Ron Paul And I Spoke

How did I ever learn about Ron Paul? Interesting story. I was dating this modern jazz dancer back in the 1980's who work with this gay choreographer named Ron Paul. One day I was reading the Washington City Paper and saw an ad to "Elect Ron Paul for President." I thought, damn I didn't even think Ron was into politics. He only seemed interested in creating dances and other dudes.

So I had to call the number to see what's up. A friend of mine Scott who was with the DC Libertarian Party answered the phone to my surprise and explained who Congressman Ron Paul was to me. I worked for his campaign as I soon became the state chairman of the Libertarian Party in Maryland.

The last time we spoke and worked together was I believe 1992, at the mayor nominating convention we both attended in DC - I as the Sargent at Arms. Basically, I was a larger man back then with an imposing sneer and the same loud voice that will get your attention that I have now - only louder now as I'm half deaf. The Prissy Williams faction lost to Dr. Nancy Lord. Prissy was a hooker but Nancy was a doctor and a lawyer so she won. Go figure... But it was raucous and it was only me that kept things from coming to blows as I personally knew each candidate and persuaded each to remain calm. I can still hear Ron Paul saying, "Good to see you again Tomas." I didn't even think he knew me so I felt honored. But Ron Paul makes it his business to know people and he is very good at his job. I've been running parallel with Ron Paul ever since though we have not actually crossed path since that night in DC. It would be real nice seeing Ron Paul again at the next Presidential Inaugural Ball.


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