Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Caucus Voters

The reason Ron Paul will do much better in many western states is these voters have party caucus's rather than primaries. At a caucus actual voters appear at designated polling spots and with a raise of their hands show who they support for president. This voting method is much harder for the establishment to steal with the vote flipping scam. As the Iowa caucus recently demonstrated, the attempted theft was during the compilation of the statewide votes. The perpetrators were caught somewhat and had to issue new final results. Still the officials have not found the missing votes from the college areas where Ron Paul was very popular.

In primaries like in Maryland where I live the elections are under the complete control of the election boards. Here is why election officials have an enormous incentive to cheat. When the party in power loses, the top political appointees at the election boards lose their jobs. The result is we have two criminal gangs in the leadership of both main parties. The party leaders on the local, state and federal levels collude with one another to steal elections before the other gang does so. When I was chairman of the Maryland Libertarian Party back in the late 80's I demanded to know from the state election board why no votes for any Libertarian candidates were recorded when I knew damn well many of my libertarian associates had indeed voted Libertarian. The state board asked the county boards who replied indignantly, "We don't have to count their votes too do we?" The state assured them that the laws did require more than just Democrat and Republican votes be counted.

This is how a ruling political class feels - entitled to rule over us. They can even rationalize it like this. If the voters are too stupid to realize their elections are being stolen by black box, vote flipping nerdy software programmers then they are not wise enough to make their own decisions. The resulting monopolies of the crony political class pretending to be free marketeers are a parasitic growth on the republic. Like all parasites these leeches at the top are only concerned with their own existence and not that of the host. All parasitic infestations eventually kill the host then move on to the next host. THAT'S YOU CHINA! In this case the infection by foreign bankers and industrialists uses willing participant traitors in the host countries such as presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, senators, members of parliament, etc. These corrupted tools like Senator Lindsey Graham then implement laws to rip off the people while ignoring laws already on the books wherever it suit the needs of the corrupted. Top political appointees play ball or lose their jobs or worse.

So I'm not real hopeful Ron Paul will win the presidency and that may not be a bad thing. When the economy goes into a death spiral, being the president like Hoover sitting in the hot seat when it hits the fan is the wrong place to be especially with a parasitic old criminal leadership and corrupt bureaucracy clawing to maintain control of a sinking ship of state. It will probably be better to vote for Ron Paul, catch the establishment vote flippers stealing his votes again then just sit back while collapse ensues reminding Americans this is what happens when we allow liars, thieves and cutthroats to install our leaders for us. The globalists may think they have won again by installing Newt, Mitt or Barrack for four more years. More likely they have appointed a Nero to preside over the demise of America. I'm hoping instead Americans will hang together one more time and be a thorn in the side of these globalist snakes.

For traitors like Lindsey Graham who lied violating their oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution, I demand that all of them have a fair trial despite the fact that these tyrants would not do likewise for us. We are better than they are because they are traitors while we are real Americans. Even retched scum like Lindsey Graham deserve a trial.


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