Saturday, January 28, 2012

About That Japanese Quake

At this link I read convincing evidence the Japanese quake was not a 9.0 and that the tsunami was not naturally caused. This sounds just like one of those kooky 9/11 conspiracy theories. So you need not read it unless you want the truth which I now believe is found on this website. The pretense is Israel caused the tidal wave using an undersea nuke as well as using recently Israeli installed surveillance cameras that look remarkable like a small nuclear device to blow up the reactors. You can see that gun type nuke masquerading as an enormous camera below.

Here is what Americans need to do especially the police. Take a long look at this supposed camera. Have you seen one where you work? If the crazy Israeli Zionists are kooky enough to try that here in America then they already have the gun type nuke fake cameras in place ready to be blown up. These nukes will be at secure facilities like nuke plants. These facilities will be guarded by police and other security. The Zionists will be planning on vaporizing you.


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