Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mitt The NDAA Globalist Stooge

Americans thinking about electing Mitt really must be rather thick. Romney answered "yes" that he would indeed have signed the NDAA that Obama just signed. This unconstitutional provision allows presidents to henceforth designate whomever they choose to be classified as terrorists without providing any evidence whatsoever against the accused. Romney claims it's to protect Americans. But the government can already detain anybody legally using this stuff called "evidence." I bring this up because too many Americans are too stupid about such thinking and are willingly walking into another Hitler trap. Evidence would be things like objects, circumstances and testimony presented publicly in an open Court of Law to a jury of twelve Americans who would judge whether the defendant actually broke one or more real written laws or rule that the government was either wrong or corrupt in bringing such charges against a law abiding American. Do you care if it is the British crown denying you a trial or our royal bureaucracy?

It is precisely because so many Americans have discovered that the government has been diebold hijacked by crooks controlled by foreign bankers that the NDAA was implemented. Already the independent spirit of Americans rears against tyranny, meaning juries are ruling against the government. The foreign bankers want to do to us like they did in Chile while they were imploding that nation's economy and disappear the trouble makers. By that I mean people who complain about our republic being financially raped by a gang of frilly fat thong wearing foreign bankers playing games with America.

Here's the trouble the vipers face. In the olden days before the Internet the bankster filth would secretly demonize whatever groups they fancied then implemented the round up and extermination. This time their MIAC reports are getting leaked faster than they can be delivered to dupe the police. More and more police realize they have been simple tools for these globalist banker filth. That means understanding that the murders of cops by these snakes is all part of the game - a sacrifice of a pawn for the banker's higher good. So the usual plan ain't working for the frilly boys.

We won't actually know until the invaders try their next false flag as a pretext for the round-up. Only then will we know if the police will cooperate even after many might have just been murdered by the traitors in the staged attack - especially so if it's a big attack. Perhaps the globalists might have the best chance pulling it off by releasing a pandemic. If they could cause hundreds of thousands, even millions to die from a new plague it would unleash tremendous chaos. That would be a handy time for a president to have the NDAA to round up the trouble makers for the foreign bankers spreading the germs. I believe the military has been clear and will not fire on Americans so the cops will be the bankers only weapon against us. But they will soon join our side as they realize they have been used.

So even if Americans are dumb enough to nominate Romney so he can run against his political brother from another mother, I don't believe it will make one damn bit of difference. Both will try to pull the plug on America during the near future, showing their traitorous intentions and soon will be routed out by an angry American populace. Lots of interesting variables are happening that the rulers never expected so time is on our side. For example, with the bad economy many poorer Americans can no longer afford aspartame diet drinks and snacks which has allowed their thinking to clear up at the worst possible time for the globalists. Things should be getting very interesting very soon. Stay tuned but never to network TV.


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