Friday, November 04, 2011

Lucifer Government

Here is what I've come to realize, amigos. Whether or not Lucifer exists, the ruling elites who are secretly controlling the lion's share of the planet, believe in him.

What this means is for one, they engage in satanic rituals. Imagine a secret club of psychopaths with all the money in the world. They only feel their own pain and have no regard for the suffering of others. Quite to the contrary, they really get off on causing pain and watching suffering. They especially enjoy torturing children to death as well as sexually abusing them. You won't believe the wicked things they do because you are looking at it from your normal human perspective. That especially holds true for law enforcement. Your children and loved ones are in even more danger than other people. The ruling elites always historically murder their minions for whatever reason. They are sick individuals and this is their religion people! It is also their sport.

These Rockefeller/Rothschild/Royal Families/etc. are the rulers of our part of the planet. All of the history we have experienced has been staged by this axis of Lucifer. They gave the order for the CIA to murder JFK. These men were behind everything leading right up to 9/11.

But it's not over. Your lifestyles are probably over however. I believe this next week on 11/9 the elites of Lucifer will stage the next big event probably having to do with Iran. The excuses are not really important for staging this event. The reason for the staged event ultimately will be to murder lots of people especially black people. In addition they will finish off America by dividing us so we will murder each other and enslave one another. This is especially the fate for police and military. If you side with the followers of Lucifer against the people then we are all doomed. You probably haven't realized you have been duped because being close to the ruling machine forces numerous vaccines and other adulterants on you that dim your thinking. Compound this with the constant mind control and disinformation and most "officials" who carry out the devils work don't even realize it's killing them. Ask yourself how many cops are living to a ripe old age? My grandfather who was a cop in DC made it to his early fifties.

In the meantime this next week is a very dangerous time especially for law enforcement and military. In all of these ritualistic killings the elites murder lots of you guys in uniform. Just look how many of you were sacrificed on 9/11. Hopefully, 11/9 won't repeat this pattern. Watch your backs. Protect each others flanks.

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