Saturday, October 01, 2011

An American Story

Let me tell you a story about America. It started for me in the mid 1950's. Everybody in America those days had to go to church or a synagogue or something at least once a week or people would think you might be a bad person. Nobody disputed or talked badly about God and the same was the case for the American government. Everybody thought it was the direct hand of God pulling the levers of state for the good of all mankind.

Then in 1963 JFK was assassinated. Everybody was told by the government that a lone nut named Oswald had done it. Everybody agreed but had an uneasy feeling about the entire event and we wondered what God was thinking with this one. Then bit by bit more and more information emerged about that awful day in Dallas and we all came to realize that JFK was actually murder by rogues within our own government. Our once trusted government could do evil.

More and more murders began to surface that our government today readily admits they carried out as well as others they still try to hide even though we all know they committed the crimes. Robert Kennedy is good example of these murders to maintain power and control of the reins of government by these rogues. So before long everybody was afraid of the government because no one could be certain if the official was with the rogues or were people like my mom who was merely typing and taking dictation for various assistant attorney generals or other bureaucrats.

I can't tell you how the story ends just yet because it's still being written. Today I've come to realize this whole story has been about an attack on the republic which has thus far been very successful. Now I have come to terms with the fact that this has been a multi pronged sustained attack that really got geared up when the CIA was created. It was compromised and infiltrated by the traitorous rogues from its inception. They worked in league with the pharmaceutical industry to poison us with cancer laced vaccines also filled with toxins like mercury and aluminum. Other industries were complicit in the attack and poisoned our water with fluoride and other adulterants. In addition big agricultural corporations rounded off the attack by poisoning our food and drink.

The end result of these attacks has been to collectively reduce the cognitive ability of the general public. That means to reduce one's ability to think for those of you who don't know what I mean. Poisons such as aspartame not only don't reduce weight gain, they cause chronic diseases and premature deaths. This story about a nation of people who believed they were the luckiest people in the world, is sadly come to be about those same individuals dying too young as well as living in misery. We've come to realize we have the highest rates of cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney failure, etc. in the entire world. Our life expectancy is now dropping. Chronic disease rates are soaring while in other nations life goes on in the normal healthy way except of course where our bombs disrupt things.

So far I've been one of the more lucky ones. I knew things were fishy back in the late seventies and began taking precautions like not believing a word this government says. Still, I've had my share of these vaccines so the jury's still out as to whether I'll suffer any side effect of the long term variety such as cancer. So far so good. Of course I've come to realize that the rogues are working for invaders who are themselves extremely racist. So my better than average health could be the result of my not being exposed to the tainted vaccines used on minorities and in poor neighborhoods. Even so I've spent around 40 of my 57 years drinking the city tap water. I do have some arthritis in my hands which I suspect are my war wounds from this attack. Fortunately, I've been on water for the past decade or so that is free of enemy adulterations. Also, as I am now wise to the attack I've taken precautions to protect my family and friends who will listen to my warnings. Sadly, the ones who don't are not doing well health wise and now some are beginning to die from the cancers and such.

As I said, I don't know how this story ends, but I do know what the invaders hope to pull off. They are going for the jugular now that we have been weakened health wise and financially. They hope this will cause a panic in the streets which will allow them to use our own police and military against us to finish us off. Many of us will spend the last days of our lives in a FEMA camp. So if this story ever became widely known then the police and military rank and file would never go along with it. But today many of them still believe the fairy tales being shilled by the invaders over their networks. This is the key to how the story ends. How many police and troops believe fairy tales and how many know the truth of the story?


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