Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Coming False Flag Attack

Mind you, these traitors running the show are very clever or they would not have escaped justice this long. However, if I were them I would be bugging out rather than staging another one of these arranged violent events.

Having said that let me say that the unAmerican scum always grease the skids to our perceptions beforehand with network television, national new papers and other mass media. So the lions share of that propaganda time has been devoted to the newest terrorist threat - the white Al Qaeda. Even worse, in my case I've been labeled white trash white Al Qaeda!

Now the media M.O. of this new threat says we are racist and radical. The story line is that we say we want our Constitutional rights back but in reality we just want to kill blacks and Hispanics. The poster child for this nonsense is Chris Matthews who is unAmerican filth.

This smear is converging with an unstoppable collapse of the world economies with the ensuing chaos. Naturally, the invaders and their traitors need cover. At the same time the stooge in the hot seat in their American franchise is Obama. Nobody likes Obama anymore. You can see that he looks desperate every time he go on telepromptering. He hasn't slept well in months. He looks a bit drugged. The question is will the traitors ride into next year's election with Obama on the left? Plus, if Ron Paul does win the Republican nomination he will crush Obama in November. Even an independent globalist backed stooge third party candidate like Bloomberg probably wouldn't save them though if Ron Paul does win the nomination - you can put money on it that the globalists WILL fund a stooge to split the vote.

Having said that, if the economy is as bad as I think it's going to be this old tactic will fail miserably, President Paul will be elected and the prison terms will ensue very shortly thereafter. I don't believe they can risk it. That's bad news for Obama. If anyone who is friendly to Obama can pass this warning along I'd be grateful. Watch your back Barrack.

Barrack should be advised that his security top brass serve another master. The standard procedure is the security stand down along with the positioning of a stooge. Naturally this stooge will have to be a white guy who can somehow be connected to Tea Party/Constitution promoting types. This staged event will solve the problems of the invaders and their traitors. A staged assassination would remove the hopelessly damaged Democrat candidate and smooth the way for his replacement. By the way that wouldn't be Biden. In fact he could be bumped off as well in the same prime-time staged event. So watch out Joe.

Beside ushering in a replacement, who would use the staged assassination to glide into the White House, a wave of violence would rage across America as revenge killings would surely occur. Naturally Chris Matthews over the TV as well as provocateurs would be fanning the flames. So the government will have to crack down and kill a bunch of Americans who have been worrying them recently. You know the types - Constitution lover and truther and birthers and Tea Partiers OH MY!

So pass this warning around and it's less likely to be implemented and if it is then the chance of it being successful is diminished. Everybody remember if something happens to Obama it has been staged so remain calm. Everyone, black, white or whatever must demand a real investigation that does not include the assassins this time around like with the Kennedy's, Martin Luther King and many others. The Congress can't be trusted. Perhaps the DC prosecutors backed by the entire nation of American people will get the job done dealing with the actual killers this time. Lets hope nothing happens to Obama as he is our best hope to elect Ron Paul next year. If something does you know who to blame and it won't be acknowledged over network TV.

As for Barrack, secure your wife and kids, surround yourself with family and friends you trust and have them packing lots of heat. Do not go out of the White House. Send out subpoenas for the crimes these killers have already committed and decapitate these traitors preemptively before they can decapitate you. I'm sure the American people will understand your previous complicity with the traitors surely under coercion and threat of harm to your family. What do you have to lose? You already know that so you better get off your ass fast amigo!



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