Friday, September 16, 2011

Times Almost Up Traitors

Soon in the middle of the night YOUR door is going to be kicked in. You will be grabbed, thrown to the floor, put in handcuff and dragged away to face justice. You know who you are. I know who most of you are as well starting with the ring leader, Dick Cheney. Cheney you are a vile, evil son of a bitch. You will hang you rotten bastard if you live long enough. And George Bush we are coming for your sniveling cowardly ass. You looked terrible at the Cowboy's game like you are hitting the bottle heavy now. What wrong George? Having a bit of trouble sleeping?

The biggest lie in the history of the world will not go away. You have been caught red handed murdering 3000 people to forward your sick agenda. The only people who still defend your filthy unamerican asses are the shills you pay to do the job and the few Americans too stupid to tie their own shoes. We'll leave the fools alone but we are coming for you shills too. You bastards in the media who have aided this treason cover up and all the scientists who have committed fraud to aid the cover up are the lucky ones. You will only lose everything and spend the remainder of you filthy disgusting lives in prison. I would not want to be you because those convicts will see to it that your life is not worth spit behind bars.

Sleep tight maggots!


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