Thursday, September 29, 2011

Warning To Judges

This is a quick warning reminder to all the judges of the land. We know how things have been done in the past. Judges that go along with the establishment get advancement. The Supreme Court is filled with them.

Americans are finally seeing things for what they are. We will elect real honest leaders who will actually obey the Constitution. That means the judges that go along to get along with the former usurpers will quickly be impeached and thrown from the bench in disgrace. For many judges it is already too late and the handwriting is on the wall for their careers.

However this is not the case for all judges because many have remained true to obey the Constitution. So now is not the time to deviate from this duty. Do not be intimidated by the traitors as they are desperate, cornered, paper tigers. It will not be long before the cabal flees the republic to avoid standing before you in the defendant's docket. The crimes these defendants have committed are so outrageous and treasonous that all the lies told over all the networks in the land cannot hide them for much longer. Protesters, gun owners and other Americans who currently have their rights violated for even videoing police in public need a strong response from the bench. Please do your duty.



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