Saturday, September 17, 2011

The TV Networks' Group Suicide

I don't have to tell you network gurus that your market share is plummeting alongside your credibility. I really love Gerald Celente's name for you - "presstitutes." Of course that is what you are and you have many of the same destructive characteristics as many prostitutes. You top network executives will be out of a job soon once your company folds. I wonder who will be first to go? I'm betting on CBS but who knows. If it were not for government hush money in the form of ridiculous commercials to scare the public the networks and the last of the national newspapers would already have gone belly up. What's a presstitute to do?

Here's the demographics boys and girls. About 1/3 of the American public has awoken to the reality of the 9/11 treason. Three quarters know something fishy is going on. To us, any time you air anything that remotely smells of the official 9/11 fable we shut you off. For example, I like many science shows presented by networks. However, when the Science Channel aired their 9/11 debunking show I immediately dove for the remote control. I find it difficult to even watch the channel now. TrueTV on the other hand aired Jesse Ventura's show so I always check what they are presenting. This past 9/11 weekend I could not watch any TV. It was a disgusting spectacle that was based on ridiculous lies that are not even scientifically possible. A 47 story skyscraper falls on it's own footprint in 6 seconds, reporters were saying the building collapsed while it was still in the background of the shot, responders were yelling "get's coming down" while you could hear the countdown, the owner admitted that he had it pulled and you network idiots think we are going to just sit in front of the TV just listening to that crap?

There are only a few select shows and movies that I watch now. Generally, the television is blacked out just like the networks have blacked out all of the important events that Americans really need to know about while feeding them mierda to dupe them. Let me tell you we are really angry at you as well. You could be in for much worse that just losing your jobs once the truth of the treason reaches the tipping point. So are you doomed necessarily?

Perhaps there is a way out for one network under a very narrow set of circumstances. The main requirement is that your network was not involved in the planning or staging of the attack by the filthy rogues who were really involved as opposed to the Arabs in the federal fairy tale version that not even the 9/11 commission believes anymore. Really, the next main requirement would be that your obvious participation in the cover-up was under threat of death which we know was most certainly was the case.

So help the patriots seize control of our country back from the foreign and domestic bankers and their employees in the secret police and political hierarchy. Launch a preemptive information counter coup. Compile a list of the individuals murdered so far to keep the 9/11 conspiracy from coming to light right up to Senator Paul Wellstone. Then begin a marathon broadcast admitting there has been a cover-up, that your network participated under threat of death and finally air the murder victims fate for not keeping quiet. Follow this with the the 800 pound gorilla of information about the attack never before been aired on network TV.

I can't speak for everybody else in the truth movement but if the above scenario is the reality that your network has faced I will hold no grudge or prejudice against any of you and forgive your past poor judgment under duress. Plus I will be grateful for you finally coming clean. The first network to come forward may have a chance to survive while the others more than likely will be toast. But your time is running out to take that option. Plus, as long as your remain silent your lives are in danger. Spill your guts and rat out these traitors and there is no longer any reason to kill you.

Please consider this option.


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