Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Letting People Die

Did you see those people jump to the aid of that trapped motorcyclist under the burning car they lifted off of him?

The idea we'd let people die is nonsense and pure fear mongering by desperate bureaucrats trying to justify their jobs pushing paper around and now doing the same to Americans. The truth be told, without all these illegal unconstitutional bureaucracies, the 130 foreign military bases and the defending of the empire for the Wall Street and London Bankers raking us over the coals we'd all have a pile of dough, jobs and the other blessings of peace. Things like when you, your family and friends and most others just like you are doing well and you see those in need - you step forward to help them. As it is now it's every man for himself because we have all been reduced economically by a government under the control of foreign and domestic bankers. Their solution is to have a new digital world currency as well as kill off three quarters of us in a myriad of sick ways.

Better we arrest them first and lets have a look at the Federal Reserve's secret books that Americans, not even the Congress, has ever seen in 100 years come 2013. So I suppose I'll be labeled a racist, extremist preaching radical ideas that are right on par with terrorism - a white Al Qaeda if you will.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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I'm happy to see your blog.
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