Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Time Out Liberals!

That's what is called for here with this debt deal. It's a raw deal that doesn't fix the underlying problem (taxing jobs and not land value to fund government) and gives the oligarchy the coup they've been wanting for so long. The best part is they don't even have to fire a shot to make this power grab. Most Americans don't have a clue about things going on because they have tuned out long ago. They believe modern decisions are just too complex for them to understand so they glaze over.

But life is simple, or at the very least it should be. It is made complex by the parasite oligarchical class of banksters and commodity corpo's who monopolize the things we need to survive. These things include money which the central bankers control then rent to us little people. Also high on the list is oil, metals, food, etc. These commodities are the bait that oligarchs stole which they use to control the people. Our demand grows while the rulers can restrict the supply and create false scarcity at their pleasure to grab more wealth. All the while even today this oligarchy have us sold on this income tax scam while everybody throws their hands up in the air as to why there are no jobs.

Of course there are no jobs! An income tax is a tax on jobs. If I have company that employs two people, Joe and Moe each for 50 grand a year, factoring in all of the fees, taxes and regulatory costs required for the privilege of hiring an employee normally the costs double. So I'm paying Joe and Moe about 100 grand each. I could really use two more workers but I don't have the capital to afford that expense. Therefore, Flo and Cloe are out of luck. It's simple economics people. Your job is wealth that was grabbed by the oligarchs using our own government then spent in far away lands facilitating the theft of those commodities they sell to us at monopoly prices. As I said life is so simple and it should be.

Isn't it time to simplify our lives while making the lives of the oligarchs complex. We can do this since there's billions more of us then there are of them. Pulling the rug from under the parasitic class starts with axing the income tax and this call goes out especially to people calling themselves liberal. They identify themselves as liberals because they generally want to help the underprivileged in the world. An income tax is a burden on the backs of the poor and middle class that has the effect like it or not of reducing wages and job creation. To create more wealth and more importantly to spread it more evenly among all the people and not just the parasite class just abolish income tax and replace it with a land value tax based on the location.

Look at it this way.
Wealth = land + human labor. For 5000 years civilization has been built on the backs of human labor while a small group of oligarchs control all the resources through land ownership. How do they get away with this? INCOME TAX!!! Wouldn't it be smarter to tax the value of everyone's land location value instead?

To answer that question one must compare the value of the average person's land holdings and that of the oligarchy. Most people in the world have zero land which they own. Even in America where home ownership is high the government actually taxes the value of houses thereby increasing the cost of living under a roof and having indoor plumbing. The few thousand oligarchs own trillions or more in various forms of wealth plus they have all of the best land. I'm talking about in the big city centers, plush neighborhoods and of course all of the mineral rich regions. With the income tax nowadays people are paying half their wealth in taxes while the oligarchs pay no discernible tax to fund the government. They pay bribes, lobbyists and blackmail overhead to rig the game their way. While I'll agree that this is a large sum of money that the oligarchs must shell out to many helpful dupes and shills, very little wealth reaches the people especially the poor who nonetheless are paying income taxes and who are subjected to the job killing effects of the income tax more than most.

So it is clear that switching to land value taxation and abolishing income taxation would radically shift the burden to fund society from the poor and middle class to the oligarchy. The effect of this simple change would mean that much of the land holdings of the oligarchs would need to be liquidated from their possession. Only land that was making them money or was necessary for their happiness would remain in their portfolios. Under used land formerly held by the oligarchs would be put in the productive use of the poor and middle class to create more wealth. With buildings and incomes no longer taxed the people would be free to create millions of jobs improving buildings and building new ones. Again, it's so simple. Replace slave taxation with an earth rent that everybody who owns land must pay. If you have an expensive location or resource rich land you would pay the highest tax. If your location is poor you would pay little tax. If you owned land out in the boonies like the farmers you would pay no tax. Hey! Food would get cheaper too! But don't kid yourself. The wealth would be spread more fairly under this plan but that would result in more wealth creation leading to increased land location value and a higher land tax. Once fully implemented this proposal would lead to very few ultra rich oligarchs but rather a growing wealthy middle class.

Actually there are too many positive things that would occur under this plan and zero negative ones. Even the oligarchs would be better off living in a world free of desperate people.

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