Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Super Congress Is Pure Treason

Yesterday's vote was actually a treasonous coup disguised as a debt deal. The debt will not be cut by this treason except for the poorest, weakest and the elderly among us. Every congressman who voted for this treason must lose their office come election day as well as the senators who's terms are up.

There is a good possibility that will happen barring a successful staged terrorist event done by these just mentioned traitors. However, they have just 16 months to get her done or the vipers will be out of office leaving a graveyard full of skeletons in the closet. By the time November 2012 rolls around this economy will be doing so badly that no amount of network lies will be able to persuade Americans that everything is peachy. So if we make it to the election without a staged event they will be defeated, not for this treasonous vote but for the lousy economy.

Let me break it down for you simply. The military industrial complex, allied with foreign bankers, oil monopolists and other multinationals effectively control this government as well as many others. Using the secret police of these various nations the tyrants in three piece suits must stage a devastating attack to allow their top franchise person, the president, to grab emergency powers. Then of course the final solution will be implemented. What is that?

It's the standard stuff like the Nazis and others have used in the past. You kill all your enemies as well as the deadwood in society. The tyrants have an unbalanced economy to go along with the one afflicting their mental state. So the bottom line is they have already stolen all the money promised to millions of Americans like old people's Social Security. So the thieves clearly can't pay the bill which will be imminently apparent by election day 2012. That's why I say the tyrants must stage an attack before then or they lose all their stooges like the speaker of the house and the other traitors who think they have the right to change our form of government.

Having said all of this I will finish up by saying to the coup leaders, should you be successful before election day with the next staged attack and consolidate your power grab, I will be of no further trouble to you. You will have won the battle so I will stop attacking you. It would be pointless. The only reason I do so now is to alert the people you plan on murdering so you can remain in power. Once the final solution has been implemented it does me no good to speak to the dead. Plus, I've never counted on receiving that Social Security money or "free" old age health care so I won't be bothering you about that or other promises not kept. In short, let my family and I live because I'm sure we could be useful in the future and no trouble at all - if you are successful with this next staged attack of course.


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