Friday, August 05, 2011

A Soft Patch

That is the latest expression deployed by the networks to pacify the herd to convince them everything is going to be as right as rain. Before that, the term du jour was "green shoots," remember? Has the past 10 days been a soft enough patch for ya?

It's becoming obvious to everybody that we're being manipulated. Most people still don't see the big picture but their attention has been raised. The people are paying attention now.

So here is why you are being manipulated. We are farm animals living in a programmed reality so the powerful can milk us for our labor output. A big part of this operation is manipulation of markets and money that goes unseen by the people but occurs nonetheless. The trouble with manipulating these things is the laws of economics. Historically, they have always gotten in the way of plans of the powerful who believe themselves omnipotent over such physical legalities. Sadly for the powerful they know things must come crashing down again.

But to avoid taking the blame for everybody losing everything the powerful just blow something big up then let the markets collapse. Thereafter, the fable pushed by the networks is the market dropped because of terrorism. They would really like to hit us again but first they have to stoke the market back up again. Hitting us now that the markets are already collapsing would be futile.


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