Monday, May 09, 2011

Bill Mayer Is A Moron

Don't get me wrong. As far as comedians go Bill Mayer is pretty funny sometime. But the more he delves into politics giving his misguided opinions on matters like the 9/11 coup the more stupid he appears.

No, he does not yet appear stupid to many Americans because they are as dumb as he is about what is really occurring in our country today. In his last HBO show before I turned him off he gave out exactly what happened on 9/11 but as sarcasm. He said correctly that Bush and the neocons used controlled demolition to bring down the twin towers. His voice was dripping with contempt for the truth he was admitting.

HE'S A DAMN COMEDIAN PEOPLE! Since when is it wise to consult jokers about technical matters such as timed explosions or the speed of a free fall collapse that can only result from TIMED DEMOLITION? Scientifically ignorant fools like Mayer don't realize that buildings cannot completely collapse as fast as gravity pulls a rock freely to earth due to fires or even earthquakes. Only timed demolition, which severs the steel support beams, instantly removes a building's ability to stand and allows the structure to collapse straight down at free fall speeds. Even though Mayer has seen these demolitions many times before like most Americans when engineers legally destroy buildings he thinks fires can do this to buildings too. Why don't engineers just dispense with all the expensive placement of the timed thermite cutter charges and just put jet fuel (that's kerosene by the way) in the building and light it with a match? This is what Mayer and the traitors who committed this crime of cold blooded mass murder of thousand of my fellow Americans are asserting for almost ten years now. On 9/11 kerosene jet fuel was three for three and is blamed for bringing three skyscrapers down directly onto their own footprint at the speed of gravity. The Twin Towers and CIA Building 7 which wasn't even hit by anything all imploded straight down as if nothing was holding them up.

But what the hell do I know about building construction or demolitions? When I want a joke I'll go to Bill Mayer when he starts being a comedian again and not a duped shill for the scum that attacked us on 9/11. I know this is so because because when I had questions about why the Twin Towers and especially CIA Building Number 7 collapsed so fast I checked with independent architects and structural engineers who make their living putting up buildings and also blowing them up so they don't destroy other buildings in the surrounding area. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth assert these three towers could ONLY have been brought down using timed explosives. Bill Mayer finds this fact funny and worthy of his contemptuous attempt at making fun about thousands of murdered Americans. Ha ha Bill. I turned you off and I won't be watching you anymore. Check with a structural engineer or explosives expert not directly or indirectly getting a government check when you have questions about timed demolitions - not your joke writers.

Your words Bill, will come back to haunt you in the future like a 1970's school yearbook haircut. Everybody will laugh and think it funny but the joke is going to be on you. Bill you should have made your words soft and sweet about things of which you know nothing. When you have to eat them one day they would have tasted much better and gone down far easier.


Blogger Angel Garzón said...

Tomás, I believe that you're extending excessive civility to Bill Maher when calling him a moron, a large number of colorful four letter words come to mind whenever I hear that creature's name being mentioned, I have never been able to stomach that POS, not only do I find him repulsive, his "comedic" "talent" is neither, he does manage to be a perfect contemporary example of the hubris-filled ignorance of the pompous and shallow-minded faux-intellectuals, ironically (sarcastically speaking) representative of the same mindset of his kind of people at the end of the XIX century and the first three decades of the XX century, which led so many Europeans to want them deported from the continent to either the East or to Madagascar.

It is a sad statement on our present state as a nation when many members of the population consider this POS and his ilk qualified to be counted on to provide "analysis" and "independent opinion" about current affairs.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

"hubris-filled ignorance"

I could have saved a lot of word and just used the 3 words you choose to describe him.

1:14 AM  

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