Sunday, May 08, 2011

Exposing The Bin Laden Hoax

Please people! I hate seeing so many of you being played for fools. This Bin Laden dog and pony show is a complete psy-ops and here is some proof. This is a picture supposedly of Bin Laden's wife from her passport which the "authorities" claim they confiscated during the raid:

Here is a close up showing how ridiculously bad their Photoshop work is:

Here is what the reality is more than likely. The traitors don't care how bad their hack dis-info is because they create it to gauge the percentage of duped Americans. They might have miscalculated this time however. There are still a great many Americans who accept the networks version of reality (lies) and never investigate further. But really people - this one is so bad I can't believe it!

As for you traitors, I can do a ten times better Photoshop job than whomever you had working this screw up. It's obvious they only know how to use one of the Photoshop tools and they haven't figured out how to adjust what they have selected.

The Chinese and Russian intelligence people are laughing their asses off with this one. We're doomed with the traitors in charge of our protection and welfare. Doomed I tell you...doomed!


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