Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bin Laden Death Hoax/West To Be Nuked

The main reason the invaders have ordered their employees in the American secret police to thaw out Bin Laden is to continue the sequence of manipulations of our perception of the truth. Like a chimp we are high in their news trees swinging from one "story" to another. We've barely let go of the Trump/Birth Certificate news which on the networks did not even discuss one of the obvious flaws in the Photo Shop generated document. Before that can happen in the minds of the average American we must be swung onto the next piece of hokum the news manipulators wag forth for your dog swinging pleasure.

These grand Gulf of Tomkin dog wagger stories, in addition to outright manipulation by clever attackers deceiving us to get what they want, are floated to see what reaction they generate from the public. Like sticking a finger into the air to see which way the wind blows, when the networks broadcast another tail wag the dog fake news story and it can actually cause thousands of duped Americans into the street in celebration of an event that never actually occurred, it gives our enemy comfort in the knowledge that so many are still fooled so completely.

The big thing I notice now is the speed in which the liars at Network Media Dog Wag Productions move from one big fake story to the next before people can look too closely. Dog Wag Productions fear the people. In short they are little girl scared at the top of media and in the echelons of the halls of secret police power here, in England and elsewhere to put the lid back on the information genie without causing a stampede. I wish you the best of luck slaying that hydra.

But I fear the international banking scum angling for their global electronic money and single government under their control are growing more desperate and impatient. I can read them like a cheap romance novel my wife enjoys where everybody knows what will happen. The networks always lay the foundation of plausibility for globalist lies. They are really broadcasting big this revenge for the fake Bin Laden killing using a nuke. A nuke from our own arsenal exploded in a western city like Paris, London or New York would cause so much chaos that the globalist banking elites could use it to make that last grab for world domination while eliminating their foes and unnecessary friends alike.

But these type of events even bigger than the 9/11 coup are hard to keep quite since nobody wants to be vaporized nor see this fate befall a friend or family member. In addition such plotters hate to lose their money as well. So when the order is given to nuke a city such as Phoenix or perhaps Detroit, the traitors will warn loved ones to get out. They will also sell Real Estate and liquidate financial holdings that will be effected by a nuclear detonation. These rats abandoning ship are the red warning flags that something big is up. If you see something - akin to rats running for cover - say something please.


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