Monday, May 02, 2011

Red Alert Time?

I'm wondering if we all should be heads-up looking for the next big false flag attack. If one looks at all of the contrived propaganda being produced for our manipulation it is clear something big is in the works. The usual mode of operation with these traitors is to launch a bunch of nonsense news our way to occupy the kitten cranium within most folks. It's big fuzzy balls of wool the limited brains can toy with. Royal weddings, the Bin Laden killing, the Photoshopped birth certificate have the average sized American brain racing back and forth within the skull where apparently there is still ample room for such loco motion.

Stand still for a moment and think about it. The economy is about to go pop - again. The usurpers need a 9/11 scapegoat to give these financial wizards of Wall Street along with their fellow wizards in the Federal Reserve Board the distraction. Everybody knows when horrible things happen the economy goes south - right?

Still, too many haven't realized the greedy traitors who have sold us out to the foreign bankers are the ones behind the curtain pulling the levers that make the bad things happen. There are two basic types of these spies. The majority have now figured out things like 9/11 right back to the Kennedy coup d'état but remain silent. They need the job especially in this economy. Some know full well what the few real traitors have been involved in but they are scared into silence. Many inside the agency/bureau are just too scared to look much less see the truth. It is better to not look at the truth and hope that by taking this inaction it will not result in our republic and people being stabbed in the back - again.

The agency/bureau scum at the top do the dirty decision work for the foreign bankers to give these financial wizards from lands far away the economic scapegoats needed to cover for their greed and ineptitude. However, the top traitors are also protecting their own life as well. If the truth got out about their treason the American people would do the right thing. Perhaps even the people who occupy the offices down the hall from these traitors might even start speaking the truth. This would probably be a good career move. People in the military and police agencies who were not directly involved with the past few decades of treason up till now hidden from the American people should do whatever they can right now to position themselves favorably for that possible day of justice and retribution. Just a suggestion amigos.

Is it time to rat out the rats?


Blogger Angel Garzón said...

Hey Tomás, this oligarchical B.S. is sooo predictable that it vindicates just about everything you and many others have been exposing for a number of years. I used to refer to these scumbags that want to rule the world as "checker players" as opposed to chess players, but from now on I will no longer refer to them by using such term, the bottom line is that although the typical checker player is nowhere near as bright as the typical chess player, playing checkers requires a certain amount of pre-emptive, tactical and strategic thinking that is sufficiently adaptive to fool an opponent time and again, in other words, critical outside the box thinking (though limited as compared to that of a chess player) that adapts to the circumstances of the current game and doesn't simply repeat the same moves ad nauseam.

The oligarchs stick to the same pattern of behavior like glue on a fly trap, thus, it is safe to say that we should be very weary of anything we will be told by their subservient MSM in the near future, we will witness "muslim retribution" due to the faux assassination of Osama Binladen (it may have been a Binladen family member which is why they extracted DNA, but we both suspect that the real Osama Binladen has been dead for years) and more than likely one or more of the big cities will be hit by a "terrorist attack" necessitating evacuation of some of the population to already built and staffed FEMA camps. The next few months will be critical, either they get away with their evil plans or the American people wake up and stop them before it's too late and freedom is lost forever.

BTW, I've noticed that your Blog's time is set to Blogger's default Pacific Time instead of Eastern Time. How come you have not changed it to reflect our time zone?

3:06 PM  
Blogger Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

You are right on target Angel. All this stuff has me worried what they are planning. I'll check about the Pacific time. I didn't realize it. Thanks amigo.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Angel Garzón said...

We must remain vigilant to say the least. AFAIAC I'll keep on doing what I've been doing every day for decades within a few minutes after I wake up, I'll continue to put my life, my family's, my Christian brothers' and sisters', my friends' and my neighbors' lives in God's hands in prayer, asking for the Creator's protection and blessings, as well as, that He may do for us all that He believes is appropriate and that He may guide us to do His will while we do our part by doing what we have to do, in common parlance this is known as "God does His part, we (His followers) do ours.

Recent events have moved me to re-open my Blog, I just posted an article/opinion piece from a fellow Cuban-American, you can read it here:

6:54 PM  

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